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Quantum-Life Quantum Consciousness Conference
Sedona, AZ - November 6-8

We live in a time where energy medicine is at the forefront of many health providers & practitioners’ minds. Given the facts that our bodies are electrical it stands to reason we would respond well to positively charging our energy bodies with proper frequencies to ward off disease, prolong aging and reverse it. With nearly two-thirds of Americans tethered to handheld devices for 10 or more hours each day along with exposure from other EMF omitting equipment like microwaves, HD TV’s and computers, we need to reboot ourselves to maintain maximum moods, performance sleep patterns and more. Quantum Life has download app solutions where you can turn your cell phone into a self-healing device. Using their app “health on the go” you can.

Quantum Consciousness Conference in Sedona, AZAccording to Karen Williams MSS, DNM, LCPH, HMA, Founder and CEO of Quantum-Life “We wanted to create a tool where people can be co-creative with their innate energetic healing source where all the innate ability to heal resides. Our products are healing tools that correctly read imbalances in the body and properly provide alignment.
Karen and her Quantum Life Team will be hosting a Quantum Consciousness conference November 6th-8th, 2015 in Sedona, AZ. This conference “will empower you to fine tune your health and wellness because we are in a constant state of aligning and tuning.”

Karen is a licensed homeopath and holistic health care practitioner. She is passionate about the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine and is dedicated to creating more 'health' in the world. During her studies in the UK as a homeopath, she began working with Bioenergetic Technology in 1994 after witnessing the fantastic benefits that this technology offers. She brings 13 years in business, 9 years as a successful entrepreneur, to her commitment and belief in giving people more effective healthcare choices. Quantum-Life continuously searches for innovative technologies that can maximize the benefits of energetic medicine.

“We provide our clients with information and access to the best, state-of-the-art equipment and software for use in their complementary health practices.” – Karen Williams, Founder of Quantum-Life.

The event takes place at the Sedona Creative Life Center: 333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona, Arizona 86336 on Friday November 6- Sunday November 8 this year. Admission is $195 for individuals $295 for couples for early birds till 10/23/15. Attendees will be able to meet quantum energy practitioners who will advise them on self- healing to balance their health and well-being.

For more information visit
The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA.
Call for more information and to register at: 877-711-3233

Sensible Spirituality in Recovery

Friday 11/27 - Sunday 11/29
7:30 - 1:00 PM

@ La Casa de Maria
800 El Bosque Rd., Santa Barbara, 93108

Program Leader: John McAndrew

"Sensible Spirituality" is the conscious integration of a person’s principles, values, and practices with their physical, mental, and emotional life. Sensible Spirituality in Recovery offers an integrative lens and recovery tools for greater freedom, emotional balance, and self-acceptance.

Weekend retreat provides individuals & couples in recovery an opportunity to apply this process to your own journey. Recovery 3.0 offers a vision of spirituality which brings together our foundations (Recovery 1.0), the evolution of our sober/clean life in recovery (Recovery 2.0), & emerging stories of new challenges, new freedoms, and new happiness (Recovery 3.0).

Join with other individuals & couples in 12 Step recovery: AAs, Al-Anons, and anyone interested in integrating the 12 Steps into their practice— for a weekend of joy & hope & laughter & serenity. Bring a friend, partner or spouse and enjoy the serenity of La Casa de Maria as we explore what Sensible Spirituality in Recovery might mean for you!

John McAndrew, MAJohn McAndrew, MA, MDiv, is a spiritual teacher, facilitator, counselor, musician, and poet. With a background in literature, music, and theology, he has worked in educational settings, corporate consultancy, parish communities, detention facilities, hospice care, and most recently as Director of Spiritual Care at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA. In 2014 he co- founded Sensible Spirituality Associates offering support and recovery tools for people seeking deeper spiritual engagement.

More Info & Make a Reservation

Contact: 805-969-5031 -

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All Day Immersion Into Death

Monday Nov 30, 8:30am - 6pm

at La Casa de Maria
800 El Bosque Rd, Montecito, CA 93108

Hosted by
Bob Banner &

For many people death is a scary inevitability. I wish to change that for myself (and others) by offering a day of Immersion into films as well as speakers who are in the business of the death trade (or its edges) and various healers. Since my proclivities are typically edge-like, the day will be full of topics like: near death experiences, death midwives, grief work, using sacred medicine to simulate the "dying" process, home funerals, death cafes, green burials, various ceremonies to celebrate passings and readings of poetry.

Presenters: Duncan Badine, Barbara Bartolome Founder/Director of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) in Santa Barbara, Douglas Gillies, Lewis Brown Griggs, Lynn Holzman, Josephine Laing, David-Hamilton-Nichols, William Peters, MFT, M.Ed, Tamra Rutherford, Arlene Stepputat, Threshhold Choir
Maxwell Corydon Wheat Jr., Bob Banner

This is the first time it will be presented in Santa Barbara County.
Contact: 805-762-4848 More Info

To purchase tickets, vendors, full day, half day, (with lunch, without lunch), etc: (if you wish to have lunch you must register no later than 4 days before the event, 11/25)

Details are evolving - please be patient. We reserve the right to change things as necessary. Films, Film shorts, speakers & conversations & break out sessions in schedule below, plus a prepared vegetarian lunch.

Practitioner room in Santa Barbara, Month-to-Month Sublet:

Room available 1-2 days/week @ Santa Barbara Wellness Professionals 3015 State St., SB

11' x 11.5', warmly furnished with round table, filing cabinet, antique hutch & bookcase & two comf. upholstered chairs; there is one brick wall & a full-wall window looking toward State & the mountains through trees (but private; people can't see in). Though this is not really a bodywork space, there is just room to set up a treatment table - though the room is more suitable for someone who works primarily in ways not requiring a table. Rent is $200/month for one day/wk, or $300/mo. for 2 days. SBWP is a warm, peaceful & inviting professional space, ideally situated where De La Vina meets Upper State.

Please call 805-682-9796

Santa Barbara Organic Cafe & JuiceryNew Organic Cafe!

432 E Haley St, Santa Barbara, 93101

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