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Sarah Uma Kane
Priestess of Play, Healer, Teacher, Guide

Shakti Rising Yoga Workshops in Santa Barbara by Sarah Kane
Sarah Kane's ecstatic energy and feminine playfulness inspire others to feel the freedom of their own unique creative expression. She is deeply devoted to the awakening of consciousness and supporting people in discovering the truth of who they are. Sarah has been teaching movement practices for over thirty years using movement as a tool for Communication, Clarity and Creative Expression. She is a certified Yoga Teacher, certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Somatic therapist (extensive study of Continuum movement), Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner, Reiki master and ordained 13 moon Priestess.

Sarah unites the body, mind and spirit in unique and creative ways infusing her healing practice with the awareness of the innate wisdom that is held in every body's temple. Her experience as a Priestess of the Goddess has been under the guidance of Ariel Spilsbury. Ariel is the author of "The Mayan Oracle, Return Path to The Stars," and "The 13 Moon Oracle." In her role as Priestess, Sarah has held sacred temple space for women's circles; performed weddings, memorial services and baby blessings and offers archetypal reading and rituals. supporting the awakening of the Divine Feminine. Sarah is a certified facilitator of the 13 moon mystery school and offers initiations into these 13 faces of the feminine.

Her passion is to play in any way that moves the mind into the heart, remembering it's holy innocence. Using humor and play as a gateway to higher consciousness.

She invites you to step into the infinite playground and dance and play in your most unique way!

Sarah currently resides in the beautiful sanctuary of Santa Barbara where she offers private retreats in her home temple.

She would be deeply honored to sit with you in Open Heart Empty Presence and support you in your awakening to your Whole Holy Self. All of her sessions come from the feminine power, her intuitive felt sense and heart wisdom.

Sarah is also a charter Member of The Infinite Playground, Edu-tainment, couples counseling and men's & women's groups in Santa Barbara.


"Sarah Uma, like all Wise Women, holds a child-like wisdom in an ancient heart! To sit in the holy presence of this open hearted innocence, this depth reception, this sacred food of ego surrendered awareness, is a gift rarely offered. Uma embodies and radiates the joy and playfulness that is the hallmark of higher consciousness, having moved through the self importance of the ego, to humbly, simply be a transmitter of the pure frequency and gifts of the archetypal realms. In this work, Uma has become a brightly ringing tuning fork for truth, offering the clear, pure awareness that comes only from the willingness to be an empty Chalice for the Divine. Whether you have a 13 Moon Oracle reading or a session with the energy of Shakti rising, or a Kindalooney yoga session, all are about moving the mind out of the way through spirited play! Knowing that over-seriousness is an impediment to spiritual evolution, Uma's sessions "pull the pants down" on "no pain no gain", using laughter as the consciousness lubricant that it truly is!

How do I know all this about Uma? She has been a part of the 13 Moon Mystery School for over ten years, where I have seen her shed the layers of the ego that had been occluding the brilliant light that now shines through her entire being, to be offered to YOU. I cannot highly enough recommend any work she offers!"

- Ariel Spilsbury, Author of The 13 Moon Oracle, The Mayan Oracle and The Alchemy of Ecstasy: Initiates Guide to the Goddesses Mysteries, and Guide Book for the Modern Priestess.

13 Moon Oracle "Readings of Remembrance"
    • ENTER into the mythical world of archetypes
    • DISCOVER the archetypal aspect of self and the tools that will support and empower you in these changing times
    • EXPLORE the feminine mysteries through the 13 Moon Oracle
    • PRESENCE the bigger mythical story that is trying to emerge in your life
    • AWAKEN to the Truth of your nature as Love and Ecstasy

13 Moon Oracle "Readings of Remembrance"The 13 Moon Oracle sessions look through 13 discreet, archetypal lenses, at all the issues that come up in evolving human consciousness. These 13 Moon archetypal sessions are designed to create a timeless space that assists you in stepping out of a habituated focus and identification in the ego mind, accessing and remembering a more expansive part of self that perceives truth directly from inner knowing. In the process of this 13 moon reading, questions or queries for guidance are posed and the 13 moon oracle is used to bring awareness to the gifts, challenges and opportunities that are presenting themselves in your life at this time for your growth.

In these sessions we step together into the mythic, archetypal dimensions of being where archetypal energy heals, catalyzes and transforms at a vibrational level of consciousness. These are mythic exchanges of archetypal presence and empowerment. (These sessions are not therapy or psychic predictions about the future.)

"Archetypes are born of the collective soul, enacted by individual souls. Archetypes are life models, images and ideals that guide the direction of your life toward your soul’s ultimate destiny. Each person is ‘hard wired’ to enact or model archetypal characteristics.” Deepak Chopra

One hour readings $99 1/2 hour readings $45
Phone sessions are available

Rituals of Remembrance

Sarah, as a Priestess, will co-create a ritual ceremony for you to fully embody the Archetypal energy that will most serve you at this time in your soul's evolution, creating a powerful coherent container for transformation to occur.

A 13 moon Oracle Reading is the first introduction to the Archetypal energy; this reading will help you identify the archetype that is wanting to emerge in your life, and give you the tools to deepen your relationship with this part of you. We will dive deeper into this experience in a "Rituals of Remembrance;" a ceremony dedicated to enlivening and activating the archetype you are wanting to step more fully into. This ceremony is an initiation that will ignite this archetype within you.

2 hour ritual $133

  • Are you living your life as the God/Goddess that you are?
  • Are you ready to remember & Reclaim your Wholy Self?
  • Are you willing to move from the ordinary to extraordinary, from the mundane to the mythic?

Kindalooney Yoga
Unleashing the Creative Life Force

Are you ready for the practice of play?

Kindalooney Yoga weaves components of Laughter Yoga, Shaking Medicine, ecstatic postures and the trickster medicine of the Holy Fool. It invites you to step off the mat and into the playground of Spirited Play. To leap into the unknown and release any over attachments to a form, internal or external, that is in need of release.

It combines many different ways of releasing the minds hold on needing to know, to getting it right, or looking a certain way, inviting the Muse in and awakening the creative life force. Shaking the Shakti awake!

Unleashing the Creative Life Force - Kindalooney Yoga

Move from left brain thinking to right brain brilliance!

Kindalooney Yoga is a way to awaken your creativity, free up your creative expression, and release the emotional body without having to process it through the mental mind. To look through the lens of absurdity and tease the over rigidified patterns loose.

When our minds are free and open our body responds with the feeling of aliveness, wholeness, and health. Happy hormones are released and vibrant health is restored.

The next paradigm of healing and medicine is based upon an awareness and advocacy of whole cycle healing, an alternating movement between ecstatic arousal and deep relaxation. The healing process called the "arousal response" shows how heightened arousal, whether through wild dancing, spontaneous jumping up and down, or body shaking is a valuable healing and transformational practice as sitting quietly in a lotus position.

Meditation has been used to relax the body and connect to Spirit using the hatha yoga practice to loosen up the body and open its channels to its Divine connection. The practice of shaking has also been used in many different cultures as a way to connect to Spirit/ God.

Kindalooney Yoga group offerings
Ongoing classes and playshops available.

Kindalooney Yoga in the Board Room
Are you meetings needing an infusion of creative play. Kindalooney Yoga will ignite the creative spark unleashing the genius. It brings team players together to play in a collaborative way.

Kindalooney Yoga in the Workplace
Give the gift of whole body play to start your employees day. Instead of a coffee break take a Mojo break with KINDALOONEY Yoga

Kindalooney Yoga party favor
Having a party and want to bring a new experience which will enliven any party and create a fun way of connecting in social circles. Give the party favor of Kindalooney Yoga

Private Sessions
Private one on one sessions using these tools and the Holy Fool's Presence to support you in bringing more mojo into your life and living more creatively.

Shakti Rising Private Session
Experience the Power Within

Shakti Rising Private Session
A Shakti Rising one on one session includes elements that draw from the somatic emotional bodywork model of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Sarah supports you through movement and a client centered dialogue that assist you in listening deeper to the inner wisdom of the body. The body being the Oracle that guides you into a deeper understanding of what Archetypal aspect is most needed to support and empower you at this time. She gives you tools to access this quality of yourself and ways to invoke this Presence into your daily life.

Archetypal energies heal from the etheric body down to the physical rather than ego/mind/body up. So what can be seen as magical effects and dramatic changes can often be seen and felt immediately. Sarah holds space through intention, presence and focus to create a resonate field to evoke the archetypal energy.

Private Sessions
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Private Session



Phoenix Rising Yoga TherapyEmpowering you to find your own inner healer, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy will guide you back to your inner resources. Based on the belief that true healing takes place from the inside out, a PRYT session combines the ancient science of yoga with the elements of contemporary body/mind psychology. You will move into carefully selected yoga postures with Sarah's support. Here, with awareness focused on the sensations in your body, you will enter into dialogue, listening with compassion and awareness to the wisdom of the body. Through this awareness, you may find yourself releasing emotions or beliefs that have manifested in chronic aches and pains, and you'll feel deeply relaxed as a result. Although not a prerequisite, your current yoga, meditation, or psychotherapy program is likely to be enhanced.

Sarah offers sessions that are intuitively guided. She will create a unique healing experience that draws from a wide variety of healing modalities. Sitting in a place of empty presence and being guided from that stillpoint.

Private Sessions offered

Awakening the Feminine Retreats

A 3 day retreat "Awakening the Feminine" in a private home temple in the elegant and beautiful mountains of Santa Barbara, California
These retreats are customized for your own unique unfoldment.

Divine Feminine is calling.
This is a call to reclaim our inherent, intuitive, rhythms
beyond business, family and cultural frenzy.
Renew, enliven, immerse within the
Womb Temple of Mother.
Taste the colors, see the sounds within the Body Temple
Remember and renew the deep calling of Serenity
Touch, feel, enjoy the gift of being Beautifully human.
Will you choose to dive into the deepest well
of Your Beloved?

Enter Into the Temple of Love's Presence
The Sanctuary of Self


Santa Barbara Healing with Sarah Uma KaneMy experience of the work with Sarah was profound. I felt a visual and visceral journey which has had a real and lasting effect in my body, mind and in my life. Under Sarah's careful guidance I was taken to my own threshold and I was encouraged in my own strength.
- Oceanna Kiddie, (lomi-lomi) Hawaiian shamanic bodyworker, Santa Barbara, CA

Working with Sarah has been an incredible blessing. Our sessions have helped me evolve from someone who didn't really like my body, to learning how to trust it. Our work has been a glorious invitation to be still, listen and learn creating an opportunity to experience the present in a deeply conscious way. She gives me tools to take what I have learned and used them in my life. When I use this knowledge, obtained from the deepest source, it is always a prescription for change. Sarah has been the best guide, sensing exactly what I need in each session. I always feel safe, supported and loved.
- Julie Soskie, Mother and Teacher, Ojai, CA

Sarah Kane is without a doubt the most effective Yoga Therapy Practitioner I have ever experienced. I had the most profound breakthrough in my private session with her. She exuded such compassion, love, acceptance and wisdom that allowed me to open in my healing process. I have also experienced her yoga retreats, yoga classes and Trance dance offerings all wonderful. They all proved to be healing, therapeutic, joyful and enlightening. Sarah is a gifted healer and teacher.
- Jan Hauenstein, Founder of TRY (Therapy, Reiki, and Yoga), 4 Life Teacher Training/ Certification School, Master Yoga teacher, Energy & Yoga Therapies, Cleveland, OH

"Woke up this morning, no hangover and still feeling high and free after your Awakening through Joy and Ecstatic play workshop. It was truly life changing, an amazing experience. Its been over 25 years since I've felt so free to let that inner child play again. I've spent 20 years studying food and natural healing, I feel like I've missed a big part of the healing, your work is essential to being healthy and alive. I can't wait to play with you again."
- Sam, Santa Barbara

Photographic Images ©Vanessa McCarthy

Invitation to Play

I invite you to come and play in the Infinite Playground, to create celebrations and ceremonies wherever you are. Allow the Divine child to express it’s authentic Self in its most magical way.

Free your creative feminine nature to be instinctual and passionate in its aliveness. It is my belief that this is the hope for the future of our planet. I have been deeply touched by the work of Andrew Harvey in the “Return of the Mother.” Where he states, “The future of the human race will be made by the Mother through humble, illumined, playful Divine Children. No more masters, no more guru’s just us here together, her Divine children recognizing each other’s divinity, adoring each other’s divinity, and working together offering our gifts to preserve the planet for the play to go on!”

And in deep respect and appreciation for the “Divine Fool” that I have in my dear friend and teacher Ariel Spilsbury I share these words from her book, The 13 Moon Oracle, Holographic Meditations on the Mystery:

“It is ours to reintegrate the innocent, free, abandoned bliss senses of a child, with full mature spiritual consciousness. Goddess is directly present in the person who has a pure heart of the child, and who laughs, and cries, and dances, and sings, in Divine Ecstasy!”

“Around those who have become like children miracles dance.”

Honoring the Feminine we dance rather than pose, we expand into the fullness of who we are.

I hope you dance!

In deep devotion to the One Heart,

Sarah Uma Kane


For more information please contact
Sarah Uma Kane

805-448-7558 ~

Please visit Sarah's website at

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