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Attention All People That Input, Write, Calculate, Draw,
Research, Create, Work Or Play At A Computer

Simple Step By Step Instruction to Eliminate Neck, Arm, Wrist & Back Pain NOW. You Will Work Easier, Faster and Get More Done In Less Time!

Did you know that 80% of all computer users experience some form of chronic fatigue, tension or pain? Learn how to be part of the 20% that "work pain free"

Wokplace computer ergonomics"My arm that could not move completely recovered. Just before I met Dr. Carlin, I had an experience using someone else's office computer for a while that was not set up properly for me and resulted in a major mobility problem. I suddenly found one day that I could not move the arm that I use for my computer mouse up very high and could not put my arm behind the small of my back for dressing and dancing. After adjusting my work station by following Dr. Carlin's system, my arm felt much better immediately and over time completely recovered. Thank you Dr. Carlin for your expertise and care.
- Celestine Conover, Graphic artist, Los Angeles, CA

"I used Dr. Carlin's techniques to eliminate my carpal tunnel. Prior to implementing Dr. Carlin's techniques, doctors told me that I would not be able to type, which meant that I could no longer continue my career as a consultant in the professional services field. Fortunately, I used Dr. Carlin's techniques to eliminate my carpal tunnel. Now, I can sit at a computer and type as much as I want, pain free."
- Rebecca Nassi, Partner, The Ackert Advisory


Discover the secret to living a long and healthy life

What will I Learn In the Work Pain Free System?

The Work Pain Free system includes 9 training modules:

1. How to adjust your keyboard, mouse and wrist rest
2. Stretches to eliminate tension in your hands and arms
3. How to adjust every aspect of your chair, low back support and foot rest
4. Stretches for your low back
5. How to position your monitor, documents, books, etc.
6. Stretches for your neck
7. How to correct for telephone use, calculator, glare, draft, etc.
8. Upper back and shoulder stretches
9. How to adjust your lap top in your office, home, library or coffee shop.

Here are a few things you will learn with “Work Pain Free”

* When your monitor can not be moved in front of you, how to adjust the rest of your equipment to eliminate neck or body twisting
* What is the best head posture for YOU and 2 things you can do to always be in it
* When your monitor can’t be raised or lowered, how to adjust it to promote your head being in the most comfortable position
* What is the best position for documents you are working with
* 4 Steps to diagnose exactly what stretch will take away your pain, tension or fatigue instantly
Techniques to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome* Best way to position books or computer readouts when working
* 3 Necessary elements of leg posture to eliminate tension & pain
* 5 Most Common equipment adjustment mistakes that will guarantee pain
* 5 Ways to determine the best position and angle of your keyboard & mouse
* 5 Necessary techniques to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
* 3 stretches that will eliminate hand and arm pain
* The #1 biggest mistake that most people make in adjusting their computer
* The one stretch that will instantly eliminate burning, stabbing, or ache between the shoulder blades; & the 2 things to keep it from returning
* 3 steps to determine the only place to position low back support
* 2 factors to determine your optimum chair height
* Why working with a bent wrist will always lead to wrist/arm pain
* How to adjust your equipment so your wrist is always straight
* What common mouse position will always lead to shoulder pain
* The finger technique on a mouse that causes finger to elbow pain
* 3 steps to determine what movement will relieve or eliminate your low back pain
* The single reason most laptops cause pain, and how to prevent it.
* The secret way to use a wrist rest to eliminate hand, arm and shoulder pain
* The piece of equipment that will allow you to place your hands and equipment in the best possible position
* How you can make any desk or table ergonomically correct & comfortable.
* How to determine which side your telephone and document holder must be placed
* 8 factors of perfect posture at a computer
* The one important thing that your chair must be able to do.
* How you can make any chair ergonomically correct and comfortable.
* 4 things to do with a foot stool to eliminate leg and back tension
* 2 ways to determine the best monitor height for a standard or oversize monitor
* 2 positions to place documents to prevent neck tension
* How to diagnose which movement will instantly reduce neck or headache pain
* 3 ways to eliminate monitor glare
* 2 necessary pieces of equipment to make any lap top ergonomically perfect
* The best equipment to buy to correct your computer station ergonomics
* How you can use free objects around your home or office to correct your workstation ergonomics instead of buying equipment
* 3 keys to feeling good when working on your laptop at the library or coffee shop

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