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Hello, my name is Starlitt.
I am a Tantrika, Sacred Intimacy & Relationship Coach.

Sexuality is your life-force energy which invigorates inspiration, creation and play. Through the cultivation of sexual energy, your physical and energetic body increase in sensation, pleasure and vitality.

Through offering Tantra, I aim to bring unity to the separation of people from their sacred sexual desires and their own spiritual guidance.

I offer multi-modality experiences for men, women, and couples to discover sacredness in their intimacy and relationships.

Youíre invited to my in-call Tantra Temple in Downtown Santa Barbara
to experience the magic!

Each Tantra session is an intuitive interweave of Tantric practices including: yoga, meditation, body work, sensual touch and more:

Embodiment. Do you overthink and default to finding solutions to problems? Embodiment practices bring your mental, emotional awareness into the physical sensations you experience to create a mind-body connection. This benefits stamina in sexuality and expands your capacity to feel pleasure. In a Tantra session we can explore:

  • Yoga and light stretching
    - Befriend your body
  • Improv dance
    - Flow with Masculine and Feminine 
  • Energy Meditation and Breathwork 
    - Realize mental clarity and calm your nervous system 
  • Qigong and Tai Chi
    - Develop awareness of subtle energy
  • Primal Play
    - Activate your inner animal. Roar. Growl. Pounce.

Conscious Conversation. Do you feel challenged in communicating your needs, preferences and desires? Is it hard for you to talk about sex? Are you aware of when you are having an emotional experience, but lack the vocabulary to talk about it? Conscious conversation is a method of communicating that uses precise language to describe an experience through taking responsibility for the emotional, energetic and somatic energies being generated. Being transparent and vulnerable in conversation are vital components in healthy relationships. In a Tantra Session we can explore:

  • Sex Talk
    - Release shame and reclaim your erotic innocence
  • Repattern your mental framework
    - Learn to take responsibility for your experience of reality
  • Develop vocabulary
    - Describe emotional, energetic and physical experiences

Ceremony. Do you want to be in the present moment but have a challenge focusing? Do you want to live a more intentional lifestyle? Have you wanted to explore spirituality but don't know where to begin? Ceremony is a dedicated time-space allocation for setting intentions, using ritual and creativity to actualize your intentions. In a Tantra Session we can explore:

  • Sensory Experiences
    - Smell, the natural fragrance of essential oils. Taste, the tang of an aphrodisiac tincture. Listen, to the ring of chimes. Speak, your desires. Feel, the cultivation of sexual energy.
  • Explore Sensuality
    - Heart to heart connection. Yab Yum and more.
  • Tantric Bodywork
    - Surrender into receiving from the Divine Feminine

Do you want to release shame around your sexual desires, reclaim your erotic innocence & discover exponential pleasure?

Letís connect!

Please visit my website to schedule a Free Discovery call so we can discuss our intentions & desires in connecting.

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