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Want To Clear Your Emotional Blockages, Baggage, Anxiety or Emotional Pain?

Emotional Clearing brings Emotional Freedom. When therapy isn't working it often means you're carrying stuck, old traumatic emotions in your body's memory banks. It is my personal and professional pleasure to GET RID of those negative blocks for you so you can live your life to the fullest using powerful emotional clearing techniques. The following issues and emotional blocks can be often be resolved very quickly:

    • Relieving Anger, Depression, Anxiety
    • Overcoming Limiting Belief Systems
    • Managing Grief
    • Overcoming Addictions and Cravings
    • Chronic Pain
    • Relationship Conflicts
    • Helping Children with Negative Behavior Patterns
    • Peak Performance: Removing Blocks to Professional and Financial Success
    • Weight Loss, Fear of Flying and Other Phobias
    • Self Sabotage Behavior
    • ADD and ADHD

My unique approach is a gentle, direct and highly effective way to release old traumatic emotional patterns that are locked in your body’s memory banks. In 27+ years I have witnessed miraculous results with people often very quickly. Call me and take that first step. 805-892-2400

Emotional Clearing Techniques


1. Come see me or call me; this works just as effectively by phone as in person

2. Tell me your story; where you feel stuck or unfulfilled or over-reactive. At a loss for words to describe it? Then just hold the thoughts and feelings that are troubling you and I can use that as a starting place. Years of LISTENING DEEPLY has honed my abilities and many people already feel better just from being HEARD. I am often told," No doctor has ever really listened to me before."

3. As you share with me, my intuition and years of experience combined with MUSCLE TESTING (kinesiology) will guide me to pinpoint the origin of your issue. We discover when and where the emotions became locked into your nervous system.

4. With gentle spinal tapping as you hold specific points on your body while you recall that original event, we will efficiently CLEAR any residue of that old emotional trauma from your nervous system. Once cleared, that particular pattern will never rise up again to trouble you again.

Almost everyone immediately says that they "feel lighter". Then hours or days or weeks later they call me to report amazing transformation in their lives:

* All of a sudden I'm losing weight with no other lifestyle changes.

* The cash flow is finally flowing

* My fear or anxiety or depression is gone: I feel so relaxed

* I'm not arguing with my husband or kids anymore ( I've stopped getting angry with them over little things)

* My pain is gone for the first time in years.

This list is SO SHORT compared to what I've witnessed since 1988 when I started using Emotional Clearing in my practice.

Are you frustrated with a health issue that persists after "trying everything'? So often the emotional component is the missing piece that very few doctors consider addressing.

Have you gone as far as you can with traditional therapy where you talk for session after session without feeling any change? Often there is emotional trauma locked away in your body and a session or two with me will find it and release it for good.

Many patients have told me, "Dr. Bunis, I've been in therapy for years and in five minutes you got to the root of the problem."

I have to say my very favorite testimonial came from a colleague years ago. She said, "Sobyl, you're like the Marines; you get in there, you get the job done and you get out". YES!!!!!!

If you're ready for that big change in your life; call me. i am here and ready to help you have the peaceful mind, the satisfying relationships and the success in all areas that you so richly deserve.

Holistic Chiropractic

Holistic chiropractic means that the treatment includes a spinal and full body adjustment but also seeks to address emotional and biochemical/organ imbalances as well.

My adjusting technique includes an eclectic blend of manual and non-force approaches so that I can serve your needs in a way that is comfortable for you. I adjust all joints of the body starting with the spine and including all of the extremities, the cranium and the TMJ (jaw). Since 1987, I have noticed that many chronic or unresponsive pain patterns often heal after I address the emotional or biochemical components.

So much chronic neck pain, mid back and low back pain is connected to food allergies, sluggish digestion or inflammatory conditions. For example, so many patients have sharp mid-back pain that keeps coming back even after a great adjustment. Many of those people have a sluggish gall bladder or gastric reflux and when we correct that with diet and supplements, the mid-back pain resolves.

The emotional component is so overlooked both in western and natural medicine that I consider it a crucial piece of the puzzle with my patients. Many of my patients have complex health issues so EMOTIONAL CLEARING can often bring about extraordinary results. Once a patient couldn't get her right leg to the floor in her seated yoga posture and after one EMOTIONAL CLEARING session her right hip released and she was immediately able to touch the floor with her leg. We were both amazed and thrilled.

I guess you could say that my Chiropractic style is head to toe plus inside and out. Come on in and find out why my patients call me their One Stop Shop.....

Natural Family Health Care

For over 100 years, the art and science of Chiropractic has been used worldwide to help people balance their bodies and remove blockages to healing. Spinal manipulation has actually been used for thousands of years and was credited with this famous philosophy, “Look to the spine for the cause of disease.”

My Chiropractic adjusting technique is eclectic and comprehensive. I blend specific manual and non-force adjusting for the whole body including the cranium, full spine, TMJ, extremities and visceral/somatic (organ) points. I combine Sacro Occipital Technique, Cranio Sacral, Applied Kinesiology and full spine manual adjusting.


Nutritional Work & Homeopathy for Better Health

More than ever, how we eat and what extra nutritional support we choose, will determine the level of our health. When people come to see me, most are in a state of imbalance. Even with a whole food organic locally grown diet most people need extra input nutritionally to resolve their health challenges and to maintain health over the long term.

I help my patients find the right way to eat FOR THEM, based on their individual needs at the moment. Most people are so confused about the “right” way to eat but the right way is what’s true for you not based on a concept. I draw on history, blood work, stool tests, muscle testing and other diagnostic tools as needed to determine your imbalances and the proper supplemental support for you. It could include dietary recommendations, vitamins/minerals, protein powders, cleansing protocols, European Terrain Homeopathy herbal extracts, aromatherapy essential oils and others.No two programs are ever alike because I don’t “treat” disease, I treat you as an individual with imbalances to get to the root cause.

Weight Management

I have helped so many people over the years to lose weight but NOT by seeing weight as the “problem” and using a “one size fits all” program. Weight issues are almost always a symptom of some underlying imbalance and when we address that imbalance, weight will come into balance naturally. Weight is such a “hot” topic. It seems that everyone wants to lose weight, especially women. We are continually exposed to impossible-to-achieve images of perfection that we are led to believe will make us happy and yet depression and obesity are rampant. We spend fortunes every year on programs and products we hope will bring us to some “ideal” weight and improved self-esteem.

That being said, part of the big picture of vibrant health is to be able to maintain a healthy weight throughout our lives. As with everything I do in my practice, I treat weight issues by understanding what this issue is for you personally and designing a custom program that fits you as the “one of a kind” person that you are.

About Dr. Sobyl Bunis

Born in Rochester, New York and schooled at Cornell University in Psychology Sociology and Child Development, I moved to Santa Barbara after graduation and have happily lived in California ever since. My career BC (before Chiropractic) included working as a recreational counselor for emotionally disturbed children, teaching at a American School in Malaysia and many adventure filled years as a cook and deck hand on all types of boats. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles in 1986 and have been in full time practice ever since.

What led me to become a chiropractor?

My naturally curious nature combined with a lot of encouragement to ask questions led me to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. Regarding health issues, I was always asking, “How did this happen and how do I prevent it from happening again?” Not only did I not bet answers to my questions but I was treated a s being a little weird for asking those kind of questions in the first place.

A minor car accident in my 20's left me with some mid-back pain and I made a conscious choice to NOT go get a drug to take the pain away. I knew there must be some way to get to the root of the issue. I ended up seeing a Chiropractor and was overjoyed to discover a system of medicine looking for the true underlying cause of my pain rather than just masking my symptoms. I felt like I’d come home.

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