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Serving patients since 1976

1900 State Street, Suite I -
Second Floor at the corner of Pedregosa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Appointment Hours*:
Monday – Friday 10am – 1pm and 4pm – 6:30pm

*Dr. Good can be available by special appointment on weekends and during his lunch time for special circumstances. Please just ask him. He is ready to help.

If you want to know more, you can call Dr. Good to schedule a complimentary 15 minute initial consultation to answer your questions.

Dr. Good & Charlie – a Shiloh Shepherd

“The good Dr. Good”

I am a patient of Dr. Good; I have been for over 34 years. He has supported my health with a pure heart and dedication to my well-being that has kept me healthy and able to ride life’s ups and downs over many years. He uses multiple techniques that assist not only with physical discomfort and dysfunction, but emotional attachments and trauma, as well as communicating with the body systems to activate the immune and other natural defense systems to deal with issues that the body has not been able to resolve, so that the body can heal itself. Bob genuinely shares his loving kindness and humble presence to bring the greatest opportunity for healing. Bob always wants to know "How can I help you?"

Bob is not a marketer or self-promoter, and that’s why I’m creating this page for him. Bob, or Dr. Good, if you prefer, has no qualms if you call him by his first name because his patients are his family.

Francesca Patruno
Wedding Officiant
Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Chiropractor Dr. Bob Good and Francesca Patruno
Francesca with Dr. Good

From Dr. Good

“I treat the brain or neurology of each person. The brain has the answer to 90% of life’s problems. Most brains have experienced various types of shock - defined as paralysis of function caused by chemical, mental, emotional or physical stress. I use the seminal energy pattern of various techniques to enable the body to resolve this shock, giving the patient a greater opportunity to excel in their health, relationships, activities and goals.”

About Dr. Good

Since Bob graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1976, he has happily served thousands of patients. Chiropractic is his life. To further his knowledge and service for his patients in a greater way, he has continued his education over the years, working with various expert practitioners training in various techniques so that he can encompass an increased ability, knowledge and attunement to assist each patient to have greater awareness and balance neurologically, mentally, emotionally and physically.

And no treatment would be complete without his final act of loving as he says goodbye with a “Bless Your Heart”.

  • Dr. Good loves dogs, as you can see with Charlie!
  • Dr. Good is a Non-Force Chiropractic Practitioner.
  • Dr. Good also treats post-concussion conditions.
  • Dr. Good carries most of the Standard Process Products as well as other supportive supplements.

Techniques Dr. Good uses to support his patient’s health and wellbeing:

(For more information please click on the name/link.)

A loving heart!

Appreciation for Dr. Good

I have known and worked with Dr. Bob Good for over 30 years, and am so touched by the compassionate caring he shows to all. Personally he has helped me heal from some significant muscular skeletal injuries, and helped me to avoid surgery from a torn rotator cuff. When appropriate he addresses the emotional and spiritual sides of ones healing journey, and is one of the kindest and most skilled of practitioners I have known. He has a very informal and down to earth approach, and has one of the purest hearts I have ever come across.
- Jan Ingram R.N., MA., Manager Parish Nursing Program CHS, Santa Barbara CA

Dr. Bob Good truly is a healer. His work is his passion in life. He has helped me to work with my own healing process of several physical conditions that would have been debilitating. He got me “back on my feet”. He brings a lot of wisdom and experience to his practice. He’s incredibly trustworthy; you feel safe. He is very sensitive and is able to tune into just what you need. He has gentle a touch and says “Bless your heart” as you leave his office.
- Shanti Duree, Neuroenergetic Psychology™, Ashland OR and Santa Barbara CA

Dr. Robert Good is incredible with his work of total body rejuvenating treatments, non-force technique adjustments, and his knowledge of energetic supplements. He is an amazing healer who is truly sincere about his work and goes above and beyond to help. Everyone should have someone like Dr. Good in his or her lives, with his intuitiveness and insight. Dr. Good's healing spirit reaches deep into the core goodness of a person.
- Otto Stowe, Former NFL Player, 1972 Miami Dolphins Perfect Season

I have been a patient of Robert Good for 36 years. Whatever the problem, he has always been able to fix it, and when I need help, he always can get me in that day so I don't have to wait. He is a very kind and compassionate man who I highly recommend.
- Chris Rendessy, Resident Services Director, Friendship Manor, Isla Vista, CA

I have been a patient of Dr. Good for about 30 years. I am a professional artist and have had problems with my upper and lower back, arms and shoulders. All the hours painting, holding a paintbrush and putting exhibits up and taking them down have taken its toll on my body. Dr. Good has reversed the symptoms and has re- aligned my difficult areas. Sometimes just getting back to neutral and then to healing feels like a miracle. I have had moments where I couldn't even straighten my back, and with the healing of Dr. Good, I would be ready to work the next day. Being self-employed it has been a god-send to feel better in days (sometimes in just hours) instead of waiting weeks to maybe have the pain go away.
I can completely recommend Dr. Robert good to take the healthiest most natural way to help your body heal. He is honest and wishes only the best for each patient. I am grateful for the care that I have received these many years.
- S. Slater, Professional Artist, Santa Barbara, CA

Dr. Bob Good has been my chiropractor for many years. I know I can always count on him for skillful help with whatever health issues may arise, as well as my chronic conditions — from structural adjustments to mind-body connections to nutritional advice and more. Dr. Good draws upon many different modalities and techniques, and has a great wealth of knowledge based on his decades of experience and study. I appreciate his gentle but effective Non-Force method, and his sensitivity to my body's idiosyncrasies and exactly what works best for me as an individual. Underlying all this, the good Dr. Good is a sincerely caring and giving healer, thoroughly dedicated to his work and to the well-being of his patients.
- Michael Frey, Musician and Music Instructor, Santa Barbara, CA

I have ITP – Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, an autoimmune disease affecting platelets. I can bleed profusely as a symptom. The standard medical treatment was not able to consistently manage my platelet count within a healthy range over any period of time and I had a severe allergic reaction to medication, as well.
By using pathway techniques and whole food supplements Dr. Good was able to increased my platelet count from 3,000 to 118,000. This is nothing less that miraculous for me. Thank you Dr. Good!
- J.D., Santa Barbara

In 1989 I was in terrible pain and felt I might be disabled for life because of it. Dr. Good was recommended to me by a chiropractor in San Diego as the best in Santa Barbara so I began working with Dr. Good to treat not only chronic low back pain, but also fibromyalgia. No other chiropractor or traditional doctor had been able to relieve my pain. Now there is very little low back pain.
Currently I am getting near the end of a protocol to cure fibromyalgia which seems to be working for my 50 year bout with the disease.
Because of regular treatments, a ballet injury in my knee healed in spite of me not informing Dr. Good, because of the other urgent needs I considered more important.
Over the years Dr. Good has enable me to lead a relatively normal life by keeping pain to a minimum. I am grateful to him for this.
- Kathy F., Carpinteria, CA



El Dorado Building, Santa Barbara
Parking is available on the street.
Handicapped ONLY parking available in the garage below. An elevator will take you to the second floor.

Dr. Robert Good, DC

1900 State Street, Suite I, 2nd Floor
at the corner of Pedregosa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103



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