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Women's Wellness Retreats in Santa Barbara & Ojai
Women's Wellness Retreats in Santa Barbara & Ojai
- Dr Allyson Cole

Montecito Massage - Montecito Mobile Massage - Spa Infinita - Pamela Scott
Mobile Spa Infinita
- Mobile Massage

Our mobile massage therapists are certified with at least 15 years of experience servicing Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Montecito & Summerland locations.

WATSU & WATERDANCE Instruction in Santa Barbara by Diane Feingold
Santa Barbara Watsu & Waterdance
- Diane Feingold


Santa Barbara, Ojai & Ventura Spas & Retreats

Ojai Women's Retreat

Present Moment Living:
Creating a Path to Wholeness

with Yoga, Ayurveda, & the Alexander Technique

August 29 - Sept. 3, 2020

@ Pepper Tree Retreat, Ojai, California

Hosted by: Carol P. Prentice & Amanda Green

Real Life. Real Tools.

For more information and to register:

Ojai Women's Retreat - Yoga, Ayurveda

“Come discover a new path that will nourish your Body, Mind, and Spirit.”

Does it feel like you are living in the past or dreaming about the future? Is it hard to be in the present moment and stay on a healthy, balanced course that is taking you where you want to go? Old thoughts, feelings, and habits can be hard to release making us feel stuck. How we get unstuck from what is holding us back or taking us off our path is not always clear. Sometimes we need guidance. The Ojai Women’s Retreat offers you the opportunity to get a clear picture of how you can create a new path in Body, Mind, and Spirit.

The three disciplines, Yoga, Ayurveda and the Alexander Technique, deepen your relationship to your true self, your true beauty from the inside, out. Go inward and learn the art of self-care, self-awareness, and self-transformation. When this happens, life just gets easier!

Every day we are a new self, with new possibilities. This 5-day retreat is specially designed to teach you the art of unlearning—letting go of old patterns that have long since lost their usefulness—while also providing precious leisure time which allows these new skills and understandings to become more rooted in your daily life.

We teach Yoga, Ayurveda, and the Alexander Technique in a practical and meaningful way so that when you return home you will have useful tools to keep this new, balanced relationship going—not only within yourself but with everyone around you.

Embrace present moment living and get back on your path to feeling whole again. Join us in beautiful Ojai and experience the magic that this amazing valley holds, the serenity of the Pepper Tree Retreat and how the profound disciplines of Yoga, Ayurveda, and the Alexander Technique can transform your life.

Life just gets easier!
Come experience the beauty and magic of the Ojai Valley

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La Casa de Maria Spiritual Retreat & Conference Center La Casa de Maria
Spiritual Retreat & Conference Center

800 El Bosque Rd., Montecito, CA 93108

Phone: 805-969-5031 Fax: 805-969-2759



La Casa de Maria can be found at the end of a winding lane canopied in dense foliage leading from the Upper Village in Montecito. Set in a secret garden, guarded by woodlands and the tumbling waters of the San Ysidro Creek, its ambience is that of a much-loved country house through which many generations have passed and left their mark.

Southern California luxury fitness and wellness retreat in the Santa Monica Mountains

Los Angeles Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition & Wellness Retreats

- The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu -
Southern California luxury fitness and wellness retreat in the Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles

Sunburst Sanctuary
Buellton, near Santa Barbara, CA
e-mail: ContactUs@SunburstOnline.orgwebsite:

Sunburst Sanctuary  - Spiritual and Healing Retreats in Buellton, near Santa Barbara, CaliforniaSunburst is a fellowship of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to the awakening, healing and transformation of consciousness, through spiritual practice, conscious living and sustainable stewardship of the Earth.

We do not promote any specific religion, but our teachings will inevitably draw you to the absolute experience of those truths from which all religions gained their births. We support the universal principles of love, harmony and understanding through daily meditation and conscious living.

Kriya Initiation and Retreat: Spring Renewal
April 27 – 30, 2017 (Thursday dinner through Sunday brunch)

Unlock your true potential!

Learn the liberating art and science of Kriya meditation, or attend again to renew and re-energize your practice. Discover ways to bring your practice ‘off the mat and into the world.’ Empower your journey with the support of like-minded seekers.

Spiritual fellowship, pranayama yoga, enriching classes, beautiful vegetarian meals and quiet time will be provided to support the transformative Kriya Yoga meditation initiation.

Prerequisite: Sunburst’s free Learn to Meditate e-course

Register by Wednesday, April 19: call us today at 805-736-6528 or email

Sliding scale donation: $175 through $250 - Camping available.

Karma Yoga Program
Service Exchange Opportunities

Tuesday through Sunday (flexible schedule, stay up to 13 days): May 23 – June 4

Infuse your daily actions with Spirit as you live, work, and meditate in cooperative community. Participants help caretake the retreat center, located on thousands of rolling green, oak-dotted acres, with varied activities such as cooking, gardening, cleaning, upkeep, and more.

Experience the calm and peace of spending time in beautiful natural surroundings and the satisfaction of contributing to a community with a desire to benefit all of humankind at its core.

Call us today at 805-736-6528 or email to discuss details and apply for this potentially life-changing opportunity.

Santa Barbara Yoga Retreat

Celebrate Life Retreat
Featuring: Hands-on Permaculture

May 26 — 28, 2017

Santa Barbara Permaculture ClassesReconnect with yourself, with Spirit, and with our sacred Earth. Enjoy heartfelt camaraderie, yoga, meditation, laughter, music, and delicious vegetarian meals amidst pristine natural beauty.

Special Saturday session: Integrate inner and outer spiritual practice through hands-on permaculture projects with popular local teacher Sean Fennell.

Register by Wednesday, May 17. Call us today at 805-736-6528 or email

Sliding scale donation: $100 through $150

Living With Spirit
Experience Sunburst

June 18 – 25, 2017

Join with kindred souls living, working, meditating, learning and having fun together amidst 4,000 acres of natural beauty. This lively event includes yoga and meditation instruction, daily group meditations, discussions about conscious living, and hands-on community projects. Discover new skills revitalizing the ranch’s watershed using permaculture principles.

This event is different from our Karma Yoga Program in its more focused emphasis on learning about Sunburst’s practices, with more discussions, scheduled meditations and classes, and all meals provided. Karma Yoga Program has fewer scheduled activities beyond the work program, and participants provide most of their own meals, with access to the community garden’s produce and the kitchen’s dry beans and grains. The work projects at Karma Yoga are geared toward helping prepare for a retreat and whatever else is needed at the time. The work projects at Experience Sunburst are generally something a bit more out of the ordinary, and have included cob building, creating earthen floors, and trail marking.

Register by June 5.
Sliding scale donation: $400-$600.
$50 discount for early registration (by May 25).

Call us today at 805-736-6528 or email

Santa Barbara Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Check out more of our Upcoming Spiritual Retreats and Programs.

Conscious LifeStyle & Women's Wellness Retreats in Ojai & Santa Barbara
Conscious LifeStyle & Wellness
- Ojai
Women's Retreats
- Carol P. Prentice

Yoga Retreats, Workshops & Classes in Los Angeles - Hemalayaa
Yoga Retreats, Workshops & Classes in Los Angeles
- Hemalayaa

Energy Healing and Healing Retreats in Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Deep Tissue, Swedish & Restorative Massage
- Transformative Healing Arts
- Romi Cumes

Spirited Woman Workshops

Santa Barbara Quilting Retreats & Workshops - Hawaiian retreats




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