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About Raufa

Raufa has the gift of feeling energies. She is sensitive to the balance and imbalance of energy.

Raufa has been studying and practicing Feng Shui since 1996 as a way to restore harmony in living spaces.

Raufa is the Feng Shui consultant to the world famous Mii Amo Spa in Sedona, AZ, including giving workshops there.

In addition, Raufa gives Tarot Readings, Past Life Regressions, and gentle hypnosis to assist in weight management, health and financial issues...

Feng Shui with Raufa

Feng Shui elements are an effective tool that can transform any environment into a successful place of business or a temple of love.

Applying Feng Shui tips, Raufa brings balance and harmony to home, office, relationships, and career.

This encourages warmer relationships, better health, and successful finances.

Feng Shui Living Room

For each room ask yourself:
What qualities do I want this room to have for all the people who will be using it?

If relaxation in your living room is your priority, then you want to pick calming Feng Shui colors like green, blue, off white or neutrals.

If you need fresh energy or motivation, add some red. This is especially good when you come home depleted. Red energizes.

Living in the city, it is good to have a healthy plant or two, or pictures of nature: something that makes you feel good.

Feng Shui Living Room

For Feng Shui colors in the bedroom choose calming colors. Avoid the use of red unless for an accent.

Rule of thumb: keep electronics in the bedroom to a minimum.

If you need to have exercise equipment in the bedroom, it is a good idea to place it behind a screen. The same is true for a desk. A bedroom that is just for sleeping is the most restful.

Feng Shui Bedroom

Avoid skylights directly over the bed, and mirrors that reflect the bed. Mirrors that reflect only part of the bed are cutting or dividing the energy. A mirror might reflect most of the body but cut off the legs. This is not healthy. Sometimes the mirror shows only one of the people in bed. This is creating division. But don’t worry. There are Feng Shui cures for everything!

Feng Shui Bedroom

Sleeping with your head at the wall facing north is the best position for the bed. Avoid pointing your feet towards the door of the bedroom. These suggestions are intended to create the most relaxing environment for the deepest sleep possible.

Good Feng Shui for your home & business!


Raufa is such an amazing lady. Her Feng Shui gifts are remarkable! We appreciate you !
- Jill C. Mi iamo General Manager, Doreen Y. Mi iamo Spa Director

Raufa is so intuitive and really addressed the issues I was dealing with. She gave insightful information that helped me gain confidence and awareness about myself and the immediate future. The workshop was a first rate education in Feng Shui and energy balance. Raufa is a great teacher.

She tended to all of our questions and individual needs. I can’t wait to see her again. I referred my friend and will continue referring others.
- Jenna T., Los Angeles CA owner of six restaurants

I am a skeptic. That said, I tremendously enjoyed the Feng Shui workshop with Raufa. The information was helpful and well presented. I’m still a skeptic, but I will make adjustments to my house.

Thank you for presenting this workshop.
- Tom B., San Jose CA

Raufa helped me sell two condominiums with the Feng Shui cures. She has consulted for me for over 20 years. Her sharing these tips for a Feng Shui home has helped me through many ups and downs. Feng Shui colors chosen for the bedroom, living room, and office improve how I live.
- Shirley G. Canada

We had been trying to sell two parcels of land for over five years. After the consultation with Raufa, we put the cures that Raufa suggested.

The deal closed within four weeks.
- Andrew Z. Sedona, AZ

I wanted to do Feng Shui for my father who lives alone in Europe. He was seriously ill and fiercely independent with no one there to help him. During my Feng Shui consultation with Raufa, she instructed me to focus on his Health wall and his Helpful People corner.

I remembered that hung on his Health wall was a picture of lifeless trees. When I was there, we replaced it with photos of live flowers and a live orchid. I also hung a crystal in his Helpful People corner.

He recovered well and now has a neighbor walking his dog and cooking for him with such love and care.
- Veronica H., Sedona AZ

This workshop was such an unexpected gift giving me so many solutions to problems in my home. I have had different health issues new to me since moving to this home. I anticipate getting home to apply what I learned with the same excitement as playing with new toys on Christmas morning.
- Leah F., San Jose CA

Raufa was fantastic. She is informative and easy to understand. I can’t wait for my next time to see her again.
The Feng Shui workshop with Raufa Magid was such an unexpected gift. I got so many solutions to problems in my home. I have had different health issues, since moving to this home. I can’t wait to apply what I learned.
- Fran B., Los Angeles CA


Do you have negative habits or patterns standing in the way of living the life you want to live? Hypnosis can help you experience the freedom of living beyond patterns that might have felt fixed in place forever.

Raufa Magid is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Feng Shui Consultant and Master Intuitive Reader. She has been a therapist at the world famous Mii amo Spa in Sedona, Arizona for 14+ years. Consultations are private and confidential.

Let Raufa’s experience and insight guide you towards a more fulfilled future.

Common Issues We Can Address:

  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Change in Life
  • Anxiety
  • Quit Smoking
  • Sleeplessness

Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Hypnosis for Weight Management Really Works!

With Hypnosis we can reprogram our minds to support us in creating healthy habits. We can create habits that give us a body with our Ideal Weight and Shape. Post Hypnotic Suggestions are given in each consultation such as you are starting to think like a thinner person, you are more satisfied eating less food. You are eating the right amount of food to sustain your body in a healthy easy way.

Research show that people using hypnosis for weight loss have the best results.

“We ran across three studies, among many others that clearly demonstrate how hypnosis is effective for people who want to lose weight and keep it off.”

The Effectiveness of Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Three Studies
Verdens Gang

You will receive a recording to hear over and over which will reprogram your mind to create healthy lifestyle habits.

“I’ve been a client of Raufa for 10 years. Weight Management is no longer an issue for me. I’ve slowly gone from a size 16 to a size 10. Listening to the tape which comes with the consultation does everything. I never struggle anymore with bad eating habits.”
- Carol M. Sedona

With the Hypnotherapy session, you will receive a recording.
For best results, listen to the tape for at least twenty-one days in a row.

Stop Smoking
Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

“Our results showed that hypnotherapy resulted in higher quit rates compared with NRT.” (NRT or Nicotine Replacement Therapy)
- Dr. Faysal Hasan MD FCCp North Shore Medical Center, Salem, MA

YOU can be that person who QUITS.

With each consultation, you receive a personalized taped which you can listen to again and again that will reprogram your mind to allow to be free from nicotine addiction.

Wouldn’t you love to be free from craving cigarettes all day long?

Wouldn’t you love to be free from the need to isolate yourself because you have to leave a building to smoke?

Wouldn’t you love your clothes and breath and skin to smell fresh all day long?

Wouldn’t you love to run up stairs or hike in nature and be free from getting out of breath?

Wouldn’t you want to do all that you can to be living as long as possible with your loved ones?

Do you need more reasons to quit smoking?

With the Hypnotherapy session, you will receive a recording.
For best results, listen to the tape for at least twenty-one days in a row.

More about Hypnosis with Raufa.

Palm reading and tarot in Carpinteria

Reiki a healing tradition from Japan. Reiki is Energy being passed from one person to another. Reiki enhances the energy flow in the physical and emotional body and creates the space for natural healing processes to occur. It is so relaxing and can be surprisingly releasing in a unique way. The light touch of Reiki is received very deeply into the physical body where injuries or pain may be preventing the physical touch of massage. This energy work speaks to the Body, Mind, and Heart. After a Reiki session one feels refreshed and renewed by this profound inner connection.

Reiki Healing Attunement
This rare and unique experience opens the receiver to the subtle frequencies of Reiki Energy.
A deeply cleansing process enables one to let go of old patterns, toxins in the physical body, and any energies that are ready to be released.

Cranial Sacral
Serene and the most refined body treatment, cranial sacral focuses on enabling a greater flow of the cerebrospinal fluid from the top of the head and all the way down the spine. Cranial Sacral bodywork creates the quietest space where one might feel like floating and weightlessness or a simple expansion.
It is extremely beneficial to relieve stress from the body, for those suffering from headaches and lower back pain.

Intuitive Readings, Gypsy Tarot, Palm Readings
What have you always wanted to know? Now is the time to ask. When you have a reading something is you is opening to a vaster way of seeing.

Past Life Regression
Beginning with a hypnosis relaxation, you are guided into an exploration of past life memories that can reveal insights into what is happening in your life today.

Thai Reflexology
Hands and Feet contain millions of nerve endings related to all parts of the body. By stimulating these areas your whole body can be affected in the most profound way.
Thai Reflexology utilizes ancient pressure points that revitalize, reduce stress, detoxify, and balance the whole energy flow.

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