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About Patrick

Flexibility Training in Santa BarbaraPatrick has taught technology, process, tools and skills in media, education and now bodywork. The focus is on well being and healing. You are the author of yours, and Patrick is committed to your success in achieving your goals.
I'm very excited by the experience of RFST, personally and as I witness it in others. What seem to be small moderate force movements generate big lasting effects in the sense of well being, reduction of discomfort and increased lightness and freedom and comfort.


The Flexibility Training of Bob Cooley
Only available at The Genius of Flexibility
Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, New York City & Boston

Experience yourself and the world differently.
These differences are then used by the person to actively improve
the ways they are being, knowing, perceiving, and having perspective.
The personal growth that is possible from his work
can only be realized by direct experience.
The results exceed all beliefs of what can happen.
These personal upgrades are used to dramatically upgrade
the health of everything on our planet.

Bob Cooley discovered while attempting to rehabilitate himself from a tragic pedestrian automobile accident, that a total reshaping of his body, personality ways of being, and perspective occurred through a totally new scientific discovery he made about flexibility. His groundbreaking flexibility discovery: the necessity to contract and resist while stretching produces immediate, cumulative, and permanent increases in flexibility and strength. This 'resistance stretching' eliminates traumatized accumulated dense fascia surrounding the muscle. Removing this fascia results in totally reshaping posture, immediate performance upgrades, and significant improvements in physiological health.

Flexibility: it's all about the fascia, and not the muscles and joints.

But overshadowing these remarkable physical results was his landmark discovery that predictable personality upgrades occurred from increasing flexibility in specific areas of the body. In his second book The 16 Geniuses —Sixteen Genetic Personality Types he describes how from these unbelievable increases in flexibility, people find themselves reinventing themselves continuously, and creating accelerated rates of change in any aspect of themselves or their life.

More about The Flexibility Training of Bob Cooley

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About RFST
Shattering the False Myths And Beliefs About Stretching Forever

In 1978, while walking across the street, I was struck by an automobile traveling over 70 mph. In an attempt to rehabilitate myself, I discovered the 'inside secret' of stretching - that muscles stretch only when they CONTRACT while lengthening. This is a natural or organic way muscles stretch. Contracting muscles while lengthening them has come to be called Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training (RFST).

There's a 'new way to stretch' that will finally give you the results that you have always expected from flexibility training.

Myth: Muscles become more flexible by simply stretching them. If this were true than everyone would be more flexible — but they are not.

Reality: You must CONTRACT a muscle continuously while lengthening it to produce immediate increases in flexibility. Muscles do not stretch the way most everyone in the world now thinks they do!

Resistance Stretching the hamstrings

RESISTANCE FLEXIBILITY AND STRENGTH TRAINING (RFST) offers immediate, cumulative, and permanent increases in flexibility; takes the pain out of stretching, and protects you from injuring yourself by over-stretching. Provides stretches for 16 unique muscle groups with concomitant physiological and psychological benefits.

NEW AND ORIGINAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ON FLEXIBILITY validates this 'revolutionary' flexibility system, and is being used to create the upcoming new flexibility fitness equipment.

The simplicity of how muscles truly stretch by using resistance is the power behind Resistance Flexibility Training. The discovery of this "new idea" about stretching appears too simple and too obvious not to have been discovered before. Resisting while stretching is natural. Most people start stretching for physical reasons, but they continue to stretch because they have learned that predictable upgrades in their physiological and psychological health can occur by doing specific stretches.

There is ZERO PAIN during resistance flexibility training
and absolutely no discomfort in the joint structures.
Significant biomechanical upgrades occur from Resistance Flexibility
as well as 16 types of predictable concomitant physiological and psychological upgrades.


More about Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training (RFST)

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