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Addicition Recovery & Life Coaching in Santa Barbara with Marilyn O'Malley

It is my passion to end needless suffering and to educate people how
to manage their mind, energy and physical well-being to realize
positive and healthy changes in themself and in their world.

As a Life Coach I help people who are suffering or stuck make changes that allow them to move through the obstacles that are keeping them from living a happy, exciting and fulfilled life.

Who benefits from working with me:

  • an overwhelmed entrepreneur & small business owner desiring to improve their lifestyle and create multiple streams of income
  • those recovering from addiction needing help to creating a healthy & exciting lifestyle
  • someone seeking a healthy relationship with themselves and others: build self-esteem, independence & interindependence, love, respect....
  • a college student or graduate thinking What's next and who am I beyond a child of my parents and a student? Go for what you really want to do not what others think you "should" do.
  • an empty nester feeling lost and wondering What's next and who am I outside of parent/provider?
  • Professional desiring a career or life change that they are passionate about and not sure What's next or what their passions are?
  • AD/HD and/or a Highly Sensitive Person ready to build their self-esteem and manage their life more easily and with less stress
  • Anyone desiring better health & well-being

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching supports people who want to change the results they are getting in their life.

As a Life Coach I help you to reflect on your thinking, beliefs, actions and results and then help you make appropriate changes to increase you level of success in all areas of your life depending on what YOU desire.

Life Coaching creates results in all areas of your life: financial, relationships, purpose/passion, career, health, fun and recreation, spirituality, family, environment…

What does Life Coaching involve?

  • The process focuses on measured growth and systematic development.
  • The partnership is founded on mutual respect, trust, and confidentiality.
  • There is discussion, guided activities, problem solving, goal setting and feedback.
  • You learn your strengths, talents, values, passions and what makes you unique. + more.
  • You feel your life is more fulfilling, harmonious, you have choices and you take responsibility for your happiness & well-being.
  • You learn how to overcome the obstacles of fear, doubt and procrastination.
  • You take ACTION and get RESULTS.
  • You create a practice to align your thinking, beliefs and actions using tools and doing homework.
  • I hold the big picture of what you want to create while you take the steps.
  • I hold you accountable for taking action and moving forward, so you stay focused and successful rather than distracted and unproductive.
  • You stop resisting change and get to your outcome sooner than you would on your own.

    What makes me unique as a Life Coach?

  • I am a Highly Sensitive Person, have worked for years with other HSP to manage their lives very successfully in a world that doesn’t necessarily honor HSP.
  • I study the mind and the laws of the universe, so I can help my clients learn to attract to them what they desire.
  • I coach people with addictions to recovery. They learn to make healthy choices & create support systems that create a healthy & successful lifestyle.
  • I work with the whole being; mind, body, emotions, spirit.
  • I have been in the health field for over 25 years. I am always learning and adding to my tool box for myself and my clients.
  • I am a resource person & connecter: I help my clients connect to others and/or information that will help them get results.
  • I give The Passion Test a simple, yet profound process for clarifying what’s really important to you at this time in your life. It gives you insight into what is missing in your life and what living a life you love would look like. It exposes a life with possibilities of joy, happiness, meaning, reward and fun all at the same time.
  • I work well with young adults 17-20+ year olds. I have two children in their 20s.
  • I have a strong intuition & use it with my clients and teach them to use their's
  • I think outside the box in business and life. I help you see more than you do now.
  • I believe we are here to play, love, and be happy, You are not here to suffer (which is a choice)
  • I guarantee you will gain beneficial results with my life changing systems or you can ask for your investment back.

Do you have any upcoming events or specials or anything else we should know about?

I have many resources on my website for busy people that are free in the areas of business, health, internet marketing, relationships, personal development, etc.

I also have powerful online programs if you are not interested in live Life Coaching and on going group workshops. I have a 6 month-1 year recovery group coaching program.

I am developing new programs all the time to meet your needs.

Coaching is not Therapy

Coaching is about developing strategic action that will move you in the direction you choose to move. It is about taking responsibility for the choices you make now. Coaching does not attempt to explain behavior, review the past, or identify pathology.

How does life coaching work?

It is conducted over the phone, email, skype or in person. So, wherever you are in the world you can be coached. You and I design an alliance of how we want to work together. I begin by asking extensive, specific questions and establishing a set of primary desires you want to achieve in your life. We look at your values (who you are) and look at how your life honors or conflicts with those values. We explore the balance of your whole life and define your life’s vision. Through life coaching you get a clear picture of where you are now on your journey and then identify your specific goals to realize your future vision. After clarifying the direction in which you want to move, we create an action plan and we continue your journey together. There will be homework to deepen your learning and spur you into action.

There is no quick fix. Coaching usually lasts a minimum of 3 months. This varies depending on what you are working on; I have had 2 sessions with someone clarifying a new career choice and work for years with people who have addictions. Coaching is very personal and individually designed.

I speak with you once a week for half hour- hour depending on what we’ve designed in our alliance (for people with addictions we may talk everyday in the beginning).

You call me or we arrange a meeting place if not at my office. You may also call or e-mail me between if you need additional support or encouragement.

You have weekly homework aligning your thinking, beliefs and actions around the work we do together.

I hold you accountable for taking action and moving forward, so you stay focused and successful rather than distracted and unproductive.

I hold the big picture of what you want to create while you take the steps, making sure you are passing the landmarks you set up for yourself till you manifest what you desire (or something better).

I help you expose the unconscious obstacles, challenges and old stories that are holding you back to create new beliefs, feelings and a different point of focus to create a new outcome.

We look at all possibilities and you pursue what excites you!

What will the change be like?

Change can feel uncomfortable and scary at first, but once you start to see it in a new perspective and that it is beneficial to you that uncomfortableness becomes more familiar.
You will hit road bumps (learnings), but we work on those together and you learn how to handle what comes your way.
You increase your feelings of certainty, security and excitement.
You will have more time and energy to do what you love no matter how busy your life is now!
You will feel empowered and in charge of the direction of your life!

About Marilyn O'Malley, CPCC

Santa Barbara Life Coach and  Addiction Recovery Coach - Marilyn O'MalleyMarilyn is a certified coach trained with The Coaches Training Institute and Addiction Recovery Coach. She is trained by Crossroads Institute in mindmapping.

In Marilyn’s pursuit to remain on the cutting edge of understanding successful behavior and lifestyles Marilyn has studied with masters in personal development, spirituality and health. She studies quantum physics and how to manage and harness the power of the brain. She is constantly learning the latest knowledge from top masters in all fields to grow herself and for her clients benefit.

Marilyn walks her talk and she has changed her life substantially as a result of life coaching and personal growth. She follows her passions and callings, and in doing so left a comfortable 20 year marriage, moved across country and is happily living a expansive life. Because she practices what she coaches she knows what works when creating a new path in one’s life while working through your fears, anxieties and doubts. She has studied successful, happy, and loving people and learned their secrets. She knows mastering yourself is a process and your perspective on your life and your world either contributes to your happiness or not.

She has been actively involved in a variety of roles as a professional and a member of the community. Her present career grew out of her successful massage therapy business back east which included individual education in exercise, nutrition, preventative health, and stress management… She created and ran a successful Health Practitioners Networking group on the east coast. She is a founder of NAWBO-SB, Chair for Women’s Festival and has helped build and coordinate volunteer groups for various organizations.

She is an artist, Mother, gardener, resource, organizer, promoter, connector, teacher……. She has drawn to her experiences, people and events that have created a life rich, meaningful and juicy life!

Thoughts become things ~ choose the good ones!

Life Coaching in Santa Barbara and Ventura with Marilyn O'MalleyAs a result of working with Marilyn the quality of my life has greatly improved and I am excited about my future because I trust my own rational mind instead of relying on others to make me feel valued and define me. She has helped me to find my “Self” under all the rubble of my families past perspectives of me; my values, my passions and my contributions. I feel very safe talking to her about anything. I trust her to be honest with me.
- Connie, Professional

I learned that change is not necessarily big, hard and scary!
- Peggy

Before I started coaching with Marilyn I was focused on what I didn’t want my life to be like. With Marilyn’s guidance, I now focus on what I want and how I want things to be or look. It has made a huge difference in my physical health, as well as my emotional stability. Even my long-time physician/friend noticed how much happier and more upbeat I seem! It really is possible to change your life just by changing your outlook on it.
- Lynn



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