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Vision Quests & Wilderness Rites of Passage by Amy Katz

Psychic Reading & Life Change Coaching

Each session is 1 - 2 hours
Sliding Scale $85.00 - $140.00 (pay what you can afford)

One session or weekly: whatever you need!

During each session we'll use a variety of psychic methods, shamanic practices & eco-therapuetic processes, depending on your preferences, needs, and direction from Spirit. Some of these are explained here:

Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance means seeing clearly. It is the ability to access and decipher visual information through extrasensory means in the form of images or pictures. It does not involve the eyes, but rather the infinite universe behind the eyes. Images arise as if watching a movie. Sometimes the images are quite literal, other times highly symbolic. My particular technique in working with clients is to share the images as they arise and discuss them, look deeper at them together, and respond to questions. I'll also invite and guide you to look clairvoyantly along with me: clairvoyance is not a gift of of a few, but the birthright of many -- you may not know you have this ability because you have never tried to use it!

Vision Quests & Wilderness Rites of Passage by Amy KatzClairsentience: Clairsentience means feeling clearly. During a reading (often before you even show up for the appointment!) I will feel what you are feeling on the deepest levels of your psyche. We all have many "subpersonalities", many sides of ourselves, but we are usually only conscious of what is happening on the level of ego. During a session, when I can feel emotions that have been blocked or repressed, and I give voice to those emotions, it opens you to feeling (in a safe and nurturing environment -- that is essential!) and most importantly, releasing those feelings. Pent up emotions lead to physical illness, mental disorders, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, etc. and block people from moving forward with their dream, goals & healthy relationships. Seeing and naming the emotion results in a tremendous release and instant healing.

Dreamtending: This is a powerful and alchemical method of dream re-entry, soul exploration, healing & empowerment refined by Dr. Steven Aizenstat, my teacher and founding president of Pacifica Graduate Institute. In this process we utilize depth psychological processes and shamanic methods which may include association, amplification, dream council, imaginal dialog and ceremonial dream healing.

Dreambody Process Work:
This method grows out of the teaching of Arnold and Amy Mindell, Carlos Castañeda, Carl Jung & modern Physicists. The body has an ancient wisdom and knows its own path towards healing. We'll work with the body in the way that is most effective & comfortable to you to decipher the hidden messages in the body, release pain and pent up emotions, and move into what Mindell calls "The Big U" -- your strongest & best sense of self that has the wisdom and confidence to accomplish anything!

Medicine Wheel: Almost all indigenous people across the world & time used some form of the medicine wheel to symbolize and remind us of nature -- our inner nature, as well as outer nature. The Wheel is a circle, reflecting the planet, the Universe, Unity, Oneness, Connection, Movement, Wholeness, all of Creation, the unformed. The Four directions within the Circle form a square, representing the four seasons and their qualities, aspects and influences. This ancient system of knowledge has unlimited modern day application. I often open the session by invoking the energies of the wheel, and then return to it throughout the session as a tool of balancing & insight.

Tarot Reading:
Tarot cards are a tremendous tool for reminding us that God/Spirit is present and here to give us guidance when we seek it. The Tarot can be used then as a form of communication with higher realms, a jumping off point for clairvoyance and clairsentience, and to balance the psyche when combined with the medicine wheel. If you are seeking specific answers about particular directions to take in your life, or meditations for integration or healing, the tarot is very effective, and shockingly accurate!

About Amy Katz and The School of Living Dreams

Pan-Cultural Vision Quests, Wilderness Rites of Passage, and Dreamtending in Santa Barbara with Amy KatzAmy is founder, director & webmistress of the School of Living Dreams. She has a Master's of Arts degree and is a Ph. D candidate in communication and culture. As a wilderness rites of passage guide, professor of human (& "other-than-human") relations, professional poet, former actress in film & theatre, photographer of light & darkness, psychic, healer, dreamworker & transformational counselor, she dances on the edge of many realities & worlds...

Amy has studied nature awareness & Native American shamanism extensively with Tom Brown Jr.; Celtic shamanism & mythology with Tom Cowan; eco-therapy, vision quest guiding & soulcraft with Bill Plotkin & the guides at Animas Valley Institute; rites of passage with Emerald North & Angelo LaZenka of The School of Lost Borders. Other teachers include his Holiness the Dalai Lama, "Council Mystic" Gigi Coyle, Kabalistic Rabbi Godaliah of Tsfat, medical intuitive Caroline Myss, and Alaska's own Kundalini/White Tantra master Nirvair Singh, and Shifu Pei (Warren Pretlow), master of Taoism & Oriental Healing. She is an active member of the Wilderness Guides Council.

Amy plunged ever deeper in studies of soul, myth and magic. She completed a clinical training program in Dreamwork called "Dreamtending" with Dr. Aizenstat, President of Pacifica Graduate Institute, and studied "embodied dreamwork with Robert Bosnak", a Zurich trained Jungian Analyst and dream veteran for 35 years. Both methods allow for dream-re-entry and blend psychoanalytic methods with traditional shamanic wisdom.

When Amy is not sitting (dancing, moving, drumming, dreaming) in class, she is standing in front of one. For the last 13 years, Amy has been designing and teaching courses for universities and corporations, nationally& internationally. A "wandering taoist", she has lived in Hong Kong, Korea, Israel, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Hungary, Germany & USA. Her community service/healing work has included helping Vietnamese & Ethiopian refugees, disadvantaged children at Mother Theresa's orphanage in India, suicidal crisis callers in rural America, abused woman in Hungary & Bosnia, & people everywhere suffering from drug addictions, depression & feelings of hopelessness.

Now she spends part of the year in Alaska, communing with grizzly bears and eagles, teaching for the University of Alaska & offering eco-psychospiritual workshops, vision quests & private clairvoyant readings/dreamwork sessions.

Connecting deeply with other people & all that is natural; celebrating life within & without; Speaking her own truth and listening deeply to the truth that is crying out to be heard in others; weaving dreams & teaching others how to weave their own for the betterment of Self and Community: this is what motivated Amy to create The School of Living Dreams.


Amy "Dreamweaver" Katz, M.A.
805-428-9252 or
Visit The School of Living Dreams at

COUPLE'S READING = $120.00/hour (bring your spouse, lover, best friend or family member and we'll explore you and your connection in a deep, healing and mythic way!)

INDIVIDUAL READING = $95.00 (It's all about you and how to achieve your dreams in love, romance, healing and other areas of your life you'd like to explore).

FAMILY READING = $160/hour (Bring the whole family together for a fun and magical session -- tailored to your specific needs and situation).

I make house calls and do readings at parties and events too!


Amy Katz, M.A.
805-428-9252 or at
Visit The School of Living Dreams at

Amy is also a Holistic Real Estate Agent in Santa Barbara and Montecito
Please visit her site at

Address in California: 3890 Pueblo Ave. Unit C, Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Address in Alaska: 12110 Business Blvd. Suite 6 #125, Eagle River, Alaska 99577

"In order for a person to thrive, that person’s spirit must be nurtured through recognition and validation. Clairvoyance is actually an ability of the spirit. A clairvoyant accesses information by connecting with a client's spirit or the Universal Spirit and then bringing this into the physical and mental realms. For many people, the first time they feel as if they have truly been "seen," recognized, understood and respected for who they really are is during a clairvoyant reading. To give this gift to a fellow human being is one of the most rewarding aspects of performing a reading."

- Quote from Debra Katz, author of "YOU ARE PSYCHIC" (Debra is Amy's Identical twin Sister)

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