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Welcome! If you are asking, “WHAT CAN I DO TO RECLAIM MY HEALTH AND ENERGY?” I am excited to share what I have learned in the 35 years I have facilitated thousands in detoxification, which is my passion. My mission is to teach the simple, practical tools of cleansing to people of all ages, and share my absolute belief that healing is possible! My book, “Dare to Detoxify,” will give you the understandings of colon cleansing, alkalizing your body, high enzyme nutrition and food combining. Private consultations and treatments available. The Primary Purpose of my work is to revolutionize the understanding and the approaches to achieving optimum, sustainable Gut Health.

I teach the tools of gut health, which not only heals your digestion, but leads to a transformation in energy, lifts your moods and sense of well-being, steadies your blood sugar, and gives you healthy hormones, robust fertility and sexual vitality.

Gut Health Tips from Julia Loggins

Julia's Books

Dare to Detoxify! – Your Personal Guide to Optimizing Your Health.

Julia's new book is out!

“God Bless Julia Loggins… Dare to Detoxify is a book for everyone seeking to optimize their body and slow the aging process. If you want to get healthy, go see Julia Loggins!”
- Michael Galitzer, M.D., Medical Director, American Health Institute
Nationally recognized expert in Anti-Aging and Regeneration Medicine

Also offered are one-of-a-kind "Detoxi-vacation" Plans, which are 3,5,7, 10 or 21-day Regenerate-Your-Body experiences in Santa Barbara, that include the essentials to gut health & healing: colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic therapy, nutritional consultations, Pilates/yoga, massage, facials and fresh juice delivered daily. This Program is excellent for businessmen and women who are stressed and toxic from travel, as well as those who are struggling with their health post-cancer treatments, or are in Recovery.

Also available: seminars, to medical professionals on Lymphatic Drainage and Colon Therapy.

Julia's newest book, "It Takes Guts To Be Happy! A 21 Day Cleansing Program to Heal Your Belly & Recharge Your Life" will be available in print and audio, April 2015.

Is It Possible to Triple Your Energy?
Julia Loggins Tells Us How!

Julia Loggins shares the power of detoxification, beginning with the miraculous success of healing her own body, after a decade of life threatening illness. She shares 35 years of experience in detoxification principals, through her client’s stories and the tools and techniques that worked for them, such as: the 21 Day Detox Diet, and how that allowed them to safely release unwanted weight and toxicity that they had been holding for years! Dare to Detoxify! is a guide that teaches why we all need to detox regularly to thrive in our compromised environment; why alkaline water is an important part of detoxification, and how digestion is linked to health, energy and weight loss. Julia Loggins’ book is about healing and reclaiming your energy, your mental clarity and unbounded enthusiasm for life!

Julia's Story

Saving my own life is the best credential I have! I was born “allergic to the 20th century,” and my allergic reactions to environmental pollutants, foods and household chemicals created life-threatening asthma by the time I was five. By the time I ten, I also had rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, bleeding ulcers, colitis and diverticulitis. I was given steroids for a dozen years, and after three near-death experiences due to anaphylactic shock, my family had nearly given up hope that I would survive my teens. I credit a wonderful, compassionate and progressive medical doctor for saving me: Dr. Robert Pottenger, whose family pioneered the understanding of allergies and environmental sensitivities. He put me on a wheat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, all-organic diet, much like the 21-Day Detox Diet that I teach my clients and feature in my book, “DARE TO DETOXIFY!” And I began to get well!!!

It didn’t happen overnight. Years of pharmaceutical drugs shred the intestines and the stomach, clog the colon and slow the lymph system to a near-standstill. I was a mess! But the light had gone on and there was no turning back. I began to study different healing modalities and discovered the work of Dr. Ann Wigmore, who brought wheatgrass and living foods to this country. Living and studying at Hippocrates Health Institute (then in Boston, now in W. Palm Beach, FL) for two years, I received my Health Practitioners’ Certification, and one other prize… a healthy body!

I also studied the work of Bob Hoffman and Dr. Ernest Pecci, MD, who created the Hoffman Process, an incredible program designed to reveal the family patterns that can cause illness, low self esteem and limit us in so many ways. (This valuable program is now offered as an eight-day course.) I discovered how integral healing the mind is to healing the body!

And, after three miscarriages in my late 30's, I embarked on another adventure of discovery: healing infertility naturally. I was lucky enough to find and work with the pioneer of this field, Niravi Payne, and eventually — after the birth of two gorgeous babies, now 14 and 18! – earned a certification in natural fertility from her academy, The Whole Person Institute.

I am so grateful to the brilliant and open-hearted teachers who gave me the tools and the guts to heal myself… and if I can do it, you can do it. For the last 35 years, I have facilitated the healing of countless clients in my private practice in Santa Barbara, California. I have learned so much from each and every one of them. Now, I’m excited to hear from you, wherever you are at in your healing journey.

Humbly and with gratitude,

Colon Cleansing is the 1st Step to Better Health!

Julia Loggins studied natural health and nutrition at Hippocrates Health Institute with Drs. Ann Wigmore and Brian Clement, and has been a certified colon therapist in private practice for 35 years, and is a member of I-ACT. She received her certification as a Whole Person Fertility Specialist in 2006, and has studied extensively with the pioneer of mind/body reproductive health, Niravi Payne.

“As a child, I suffered from life-threatening asthma, allergies, migraines, Epstein-Barr and hypoglycemia. Although I had been told I would never have children, I now have a beautiful son and daughter. I have had many great teachers, but my own history is my number one asset as a health practitioner.

If I can heal my body, so can you!”

Healing begins with detox, and the average American stores from 5-20 pounds of fecal matter in their colon. If this toxic waste isn’t eliminated, it causes disease and even affects us emotionally. Over 45 million people in this country have irritable bowel syndrome, and colon cancer kills more men and women than prostate or breast cancer.

Dr. Richard Schulze says, “To achieve great health, you must deep-clean your colon.” The following illnesses and symptoms are directly affected and often helped by colonics:

  • Allergies and Asthma
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Fatigue, Sluggishness
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Digestive Problems, IBS and Diverticulitis
  • Depression, Tension and Anxiety
  • Cloudy Thinking, “Fuzzy” Brain
  • Slow Metabolism
  • Backaches
  • PMS, Painful or Irregular Periods

What is a Colonic Like?

A colonic is a simple, painless procedure in which small amounts of water is gently inserted into the colon, while the therapist gently massages the client’s tummy. This allows the water to flow through the entire six feet of the colon, removing toxins and the plaque that builds up on the colon walls. Following a colonic, one feels light and floating with energy and mental clarity. It takes a series of colonics to completely clean the colon, usually between 6 and 12.

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