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Welcome to Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services! Ventura, California’s Premiere Psychic Services. We are located in the coastal area of Ventura, California directly between Malibu and Santa Barbara. We are honored to say that our clients span the entire globe. We offer psychic readings & healings, meditations, workshops and much more!

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Psychic Development Program

Online Psychic Development Program

Starts on May 6, 2018, 5PM, PST - Online

This is a complete comprehensive Clairvoyant & Metaphysical Program which will change your perspective on how we live here on the Earth Plane as well as all the work we are doing in the Real World or the Astral Plane. You will graduate from this program completely changed; with a renewed perspective and higher vibration.

*Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy is proud to offer a comprehensive Clairvoyant Psychic Development PHONE Training Program taught by internationally known psychic and Best American Psychic Member, Crystal Heinemann of Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services.

You will learn to access your own innate psychic abilities, which will change your vision of today and the future. You will learn how to call back lost energy, allowing you to feel more YOU than you have ever felt. You will be learn to access your inner voice (clairaudience), your inner knowingness (claircognizance) and your inner vision (clairvoyance).

This Program provides you with tools to heal past issues and experiences, and better equips you to deal with day-to-day events; a growing necessity in todays times. The tools you’ll learn in this program will help you find harmony and inspiration as you move through this lifetime. Everyone has intuition. Learn how to tap into your intuitive ability and your life’s purpose.

Intro to What You will Learn:

• Give Life Readings
• Access Past Lives
• Talk to the Dead
• Create What You Want
• Work with Spirit Guides
• Clear Energies and Entities from Buildings
• Activate Your Creativity
• Complete Karma
• Control Your Sympathetic Nervous System
• Heal Your Memory Banks
• Run Kundalini Energy

*Special Discount*
Use Coupon Code: sbwellness
for $350 OFF the entire program if purchased in full

Use Coupon Code: sbmonthly
for $25 OFF monthly, if making payments

Best American Psychic Award Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services, featuring formally trained Ventura ClairvoyantPsychic, Crystal Sunshine Heinemann. Crystal specializes in psychic services available all over the world via email audio recorded readings, phone readings and also in person at our local Ventura, California offices. We are also pleased to offer recorded meditations, in person meditations and teaching workshops.

Crystal was formally trained under world renowned psychic, author, radio and television personality Dr. Lauren Cielo who is best known for his work on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM and Gaia TV’s Beyond Belief and Open Minds. Crystal was formally trained by Dr. Lauren Cielo of Golden Rose Psychic Academy. She attended months of private sessions, one on one with Dr. Lauren, a 6 month Clairvoyant I Program, a 5 month Clairvoyant II Program and a 5 month Clairvoyant Teacher’s Program, all under Dr. Lauren Cielo and his world renowned psychic academy, Golden Rose Psychic Academy. Crystal is still mentored very closely by Dr. Lauren Cielo, assisting in classes, reading clinics and radio shows.

We at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services of Ventura, California encourage you to please take a look around, book a session, view our current events, watch our YouTube Channel or feel free to reach out to us for any questions or comments. We love hearing from our clients as well as our future clients! We don’t believe in any mistakes or coincidences, you are here for a reason. We’re so delighted you found us!

In Love and Light My Bright Suns…We are GRATEFUL!

Psychic Services

Crystal, as a certified minister with Universal Life church, has officiated weddings, birth celebrations, creation ceremonies, and more. Crystal will bring the Peace & Creation Energy you seek.

  • Psychic Reading Clinic Enrollment. Partnered w/ Golden Rose Psychic Services
  • 15 Min Email Psychic Reading
  • 30 Min Email Psychic Reading
  • 45 Min Email Psychic Reading
  • 60 Min Email Psychic Reading
  • ​​​ 
  • 30 Min Phone/ In Person Psychic Reading
  • 60 Min Phone/ In Person Psychic Reading
  • Private Event or Party Psychic Readings! Girl’s Night Out!
  • Psychic Chakra Balance & Healing
  • Spiritual Team Introduction
  • Akashic Record Keeper Introduction
  • Custom Meditations
  • Intuitive Business Mentoring; Packages Available
  • Spiritual Mentoring; Packages Available

Online Psychic Classes

How To Series: Healing Energy Cords. Please enjoy our workshop series of “How To’s”! Upon purchase, you instantly receive a link to the prerecorded video workshop. Each workshop is just around 30 mins long, including a lecture on the topic and then a guided meditation where you will learn how to do the energy work. We upload a new workshop weekly.

How To: Healing Energy Cords Video Workshop

Still Undecided?
Please watch the first 2 minutes of How to Series: Healing Energy Cords

Calling all Golden Rose, Dr Lauren Cielo & Crystal Sunshine Clairvoyant Students! Want to practice Clairvoyant Psychic Reading more often but have no one to play with? Or are you considering becoming a Professional Psychic? Or just want to learn all aspects of Self? Join Crystal for our new TWICE Weekly Phone Reading Clinics and practice your old tools and maybe learn a few new ones along the way! All levels welcome but be sure to check the qualifications so everyone has a fun experience. Just pick up the telephone and let’s get going! Cost is $15

I lead the Psychic Reading Clinic’s for both Golden Rose Psychic Services and Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services EVERY Sunday morning at 8:30am PST and EVERY Wednesday at 6:00pm PST. Our Psychic Reading Clinic’s are performed over the phone! How wonderful that you never have to leave your own home! Once you sign up with the link below, I will then send you an email with your call in information. I look forward to having some fun with you and assisting you in learning the amazing gift of clairvoyance!

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Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services in Ventura, California was founded by Crystal Sunshine Heinemann. Crystal had been a flight attendant for several years working commercial and private jets; flying the world’s most ‘elite’ people around the globe… However, the wonderful experience fell flat for Crystal as she intuitively realized that ‘elite’ has an entire new definition… she saw how money does not bring happiness… she began her quest to find out what is true happiness?

This is an individual based question but for Crystal, she discovered that living in your authentic self is what brought her happiness. Money, material items or other people cannot fulfill you but truly being connected to your Higher Self or Super Subconscious will bring you a life of ease and grace. We can either carry a feather or a brick, which will you choose?

At Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services, our passion is helping clients heal their core pictures and help them run their own energy. We are at our optimum manifesting capacity when we are operating in present time and running our own energy. Most people pick up and carry energies that are not their’s all throughout the day. We teach tools on how to release this and be here now.

We offer Clairvoyant readings ~ I see
Clairaudience ~ I hear
Clairsentience ~ I feel
Claircognizance ~ I know

Crystal finds that in the current world we live in, life is incredibly busy. Most people find that they are too busy to work on themselves. For this, Crystal finds her most popular services are her audio recorded readings. Crystal uses your full name to connect with your Higher Self and then interacts with your Earth body chakra and aura, along with her Healing Master Cebu. She records what your messages are and describes how Cebu is healing you and if your Higher Self is in agreement to heal. There is nothing lost but much to gain from her amazing audio recordings!

We at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services look forward to reading and healing you!

In Love & Light…

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