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Welcome. My name is Caitlin Lyon and I'm the owner of Lyon Wellness in Santa Barbara and Solvang
, California where I specialize in women’s health and emotional wellbeing, combining mind-body medicine, craniosacral therapy, and nutrition. You can see more of my background as a Mind-body medicine practitioner here. I'm the creator of popular women's wellness series, including Heal and Reveal, and Yoga + Self-Care for Hormonal Harmony - movement and meditation sessions that help you slow down, listen to your body, and stay healthy and inspired as you create more calm in your daily life. I lead online nutrition programs, including the upcoming Fertile Woman, designed to help you become your own fertility expert, and the Clean Up Your Diet: a 21-day journey to healthy eating and good, simple nutrition.

Ready for a truly holistic approach to more comfort and ease in your body?

I work with women in their teens, 20's, 30's, 40's, and beyond, who are stressed, overwhelmed, burned out, hormonally imbalanced, and struggling with an assortment of female troubles and I guide them to become more vital, more feminine, and immensely balanced. I'm on a mission to help women everywhere find freedom from pain and more happily inhabit their bodies.

I'm passionate about helping you:

  • Overcome chronic health issues and sleep better
  • Feel more present, clear, and balanced
  • Eliminate anxiety, depression and fatigue
  • Transition to a green beauty (non-toxic!) lifestyle
  • Create more space and time to do the things you love
  • Balance your hormones and feel great at every phase of your cycle
  • Learn how to eat right for your body and supplement correctly
  • Improve your digestion and achieve your weight loss goals
  • Alleviate body aches and pains, including TMJ, headaches, migraines, and sciatica
  • Learn the skills to enjoy a calmer mind and more relaxed body
  • Heal and release built up emotions and stress from trauma
  • Heal yourself by making the correct lifestyle and dietary changes
  • Regulate and even enjoy your menstrual cycles and eliminate PMS
  • Increase your fertility and achieve pregnancy
  • Recover after illness, injury, or giving birth
  • Replace stress with well-being

Come home to your body. Your heart. And your dreams.
Experience yourself and your life in the present moment.

I welcome you to settle in to the wisdom within.

The body heals itself under the right conditions and these sessions replenish this natural potential, supporting the deeper layers of your being for more calm, clarity, and ease.

Drawing on various healing traditions, each session is guided by your body's intelligence.

When working together, you'll be given the energetic principles and awareness skills that encourage your body and mind to open to a greater sense of health, deep relaxation, and expansive awareness.

You can trust the promise of this opening; Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning. That is at one with your life’s desire.

-John O’Donohue

Any stuckness or pain is an invitation to dive deeper into
your own wisdom and authentic being.

Women's Wellbeing & Holistic Health in Santa Barbara

These sessions are perfect for you if you:

  • Feel stuck on some level and want to reconnect to your sense of vibrant health
  • Have a burning question around something happening in your life
  • Want to find more comfort, flow, and ease in your body and life
  • Are seeking to unravel a combination of things (related to body, business, money, and relationships) manifesting as pain, stressful thoughts, or anxiety in the body

In this 90-minute session, you will:

  • be led in dissolving stresses, tension, and fears that are preventing you from really enjoying your life to its fullest
  • begin to understand why something feels blocked, painful, or closed in your life and how you can shift it
  • look at the connections of what is happening on an internal level and how it is playing out in your life
  • receive the compassionate support and guidance needed to connect to your inner calmness and source of intuition

These sessions will introduce you to how you can implement the energetic, physical, mental, and emotional self-care needed to:

  • Learn the skills you need to enjoy a calmer mind and more stress-free existence
  • Heal and release built up emotions, body pains, and stress from trauma to feel more grounded in who you are
  • Eliminate anxiety, depression and fatigue to discover feeling more present, clear, and compassionate with yourself
  • Recover after surgery, giving birth, or illness so you can stay connected to your body's potential for healing

Sessions are available as hands-on healing in Santa Barbara and Solvang, CA
or over the phone and via Skype.

Currently, there are limited spaces available for sessions each month.
New clients are welcome to book.

(These sessions are included in all long-term programs.)

You'll receive:

  • Clarity Call + Personalized Homework to ignite the process before your first session
  • 60-minute Energetic Medicine Session designed to dissolve energetic blocks, unwind patterns of stress held in the nervous system, and release restrictions in the tissues to restore harmony and quiet in your mind. (hands-on sessions include an intuitive synergy of biodynamic craniosacral therapy and energetic bodywork)
  • 30 minutes of Clarity Mentoring to integrate the shifts and create an action plan for your next best steps
  • Personalized suggestions for self-care and resources to augment our work together

Book your Healing Session today!

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This is a great way to experience working together to see if you'd like to do more in-depth mentoring.

If you're ready for ongoing women's holistic wellbeing support, see how we can work together.

Testimonials - What people are saying about working together.

Before coming to Caitlin, I was experiencing daily panic attacks and pain in my neck. I dreaded my period and felt overwhelmed by stress. From the first time I met Caitlin, I felt right at ease, like I could tell her anything and it would be ok. She's neutral and very nurturing. I feel safe and listened to, more than I ever have, and I've spent years working with therapists and psychiatrists for my anxiety. Working with Caitlin is like working with a caring fairy godmother. She knows where to go on your body, and the heat from her hands is heavenly. I feel so much energy and motion flowing through my body. Sometimes, it's like I'm floating on the table. My whole body feels wonderful when I leave. I'm blown away by how much craniosacral therapy has helped my PMS and the tenseness I feel in my neck. My cycles are so much better. I feel more youthful and it's nice to feel so calm, naturally. I can't wait to get to my sessions every week!
- Jenny E., Solvang, CA

I can never explain how much Caitlin has helped me. I went through some very stressful situations this past year, along with migraine headaches, body aches, breathing issues, fibromyalgia and depression. Let me just say, without Caitlin I would still be suffering. My migraines are way better; I feel healthier and happier now. She is just amazing and I truly love her dearly. I hope you make an appointment today to see her- you too will be amazed. She is my lifesaver and lifeline... a beautiful, soft spoken, loving angel. I will continue to go to her for a long time. Probably a lifetime. I just feel great when I leave. She is a gracious, unassuming, non-judgmental woman. You will love her. Thank you for everything, my beautiful friend.
- Stacey Foss, small business owner, Santa Ynez, CA

Dear Caitlin, I experienced such great support from you in reconnecting to my awareness and a felt sense of vibrant health in the session with you today. Thank you so much! I feel an unwinding process continuing. I will be sure to recommend you to others who reach out or seem to resonate with this work. This work is resonating with me in a way that nothing else has and I'm eager to follow the trail... Meeting you is very affirming.
- K. M., mother and doula, Gaviota, CA

Since we’ve started working together, I’ve noticed a huge reduction in my stress levels and have seen improvement dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and shoulder pain. What I love best about working with Caitlin is she’s a great listener, and has a relaxing, calming way about her. With her help, I’ve learned a new way to listen to my body and to be able to bring myself to a better state of mind from the sessions.
— Kenneth Reg, Radiation Therapist, Santa Maria, CA

I had tried standard methods of TMJ treatment prescribed by my doctor, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, ice, and heat. The craniosacral therapy gave me instantaneous relief. But the benefits went beyond my jaw and it was able to relax my whole body, which I found out was very tense. I was actually able to eat after treatment, whereas before I would have a hard time opening my mouth wide enough for even a sandwich. I felt the craniosacral therapy working in the first treatment. I am very pleased with the outcome, and have been back numerous times as I feel progress every time!
— Blair Biegel, Accountant, San Luis Obispo, CA

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