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Not sure how to transform your spiritual practice into real life results?

(like weight loss, stress relief, and energy that lasts?)

You're Not Alone

If you’re like most people who practice yoga and meditation, you feel great on the mat…

…but as soon as you step back into the everyday flow of life, that calm and feeling of well being disappears.

I’m Britta GreenViolet. I support you to focus your energy both inward and outward, taking actions that support your health and well being on a daily basis.

Here’s the truth…

Real health does not come from a diet or an exercise plan.

Real, lasting health starts with making the decision that your well being, inside and out, is your highest priority.

Click here to try my F R E E Morning Water Meditation to jumpstart your daily well being.

Why a Morning Water Meditation? Because what I’ve found is…

– if you create meaning around a routine (aka, make it into a ritual), you are more likely to stick with it

– it’s not enough to simply focus on nutrition

we’ve got to tackle stress, calm our nervous system, and learn to use breath and mindfulness if we want real results that actually last.

Click the link above to check it out and take the first step toward feeling better ASAP.

About Britta

My mission is to help meditators and yoga practitioners who struggle with energy, anxiety and weight to relieve stress, regain focus and weigh what they want without dieting, drugs or stimulants.

You might be thinking…

“Yeah, but isn’t that what we practice yoga and meditation for?

Why do I need you?”

Great question!

I know firsthand what it is like to work at something daily (with my whole body, heart and soul, no less) and still not see the benefits I want.

Read my entire story on my website :)

Now I know exactly what to eat in order to maintain a healthy weight for my body. I’ve learned how to take care of my nervous system and get my mindset right to support a continuing journey toward feeling awesome in my body.

What I’ve noticed is that a LOT of folks who are practicing mindfulness techniques like yoga and meditation are still walking through their everyday lives experiencing

• Stre
• Overwhelm
• Anxiety
• Low energy
• Brain fog

An inability to weigh what they want (i.e.,, no idea which foods to eat or how to improve their relationship with food).

If this sounds like you, take a look at my services below to see how we might work together!
(Or you can Explore my Services on my website)

Services & Offerings

Let’s figure out where YOUR health & wellbeing could use some TLC.
Take a look at my different services below to see which one fits your needs.

Private Coaching

My 6-Month Holistic Nourishment Private Program will help you weigh what you want, relieve anxiety, gain energy and create a wellness toolbox to support you in taking care of yourself and feeling amazing— even after our program is finished.

My private programs are perfect if you want…
• concentrated time and personal attention from me, one on one (with as much time as you need to explore and become educated around the areas you are wanting to grow)

• a health plan curated precisely to your unique needs (where we tailor your program, drawing from a variety of modalities, such as breathwork, aromatherapy, kitchen healings, grocery store tours, sound healing sessions, and meal planning, to name a few…)
• a private, safe space to help you break through the places that have tripped you up before (you know, the places where you need healing, training and someone to pull you out of the quicksand.)

Want to talk about my program + see if we’re a good fit?

Learn more about this program by setting up a convo with me…

Grab a complimentary Creating Clarity Session with me here.

(There’s no obligation to hire me at the end of your session, but you will walk away with clarity about what you need to do next to get your health— and your life— back.)

“Working with Britta was fulfilling, deep and connective. She is an intentional woman… she noticed when I was off or having a hard time with a concept or an experience we were working out. She was mindful of where I was that day while also sticking to the agenda and moving us forward, never going backward. Britta is such a light, bright energy so spending time with her is easy breezy! She’s also one of the best listeners I’ve come around to in my life and a clear, conscious communicator.”
— Isabel, Santa Barbara

Group Coaching

My 3-Month ” Eat Here Now” Group Program is focused on freeing you from the power food has over you, releasing stress and weight while you do it. Our curriculum is based on my book, “Eat Here Now” and is rooted in nutritional education, mindfulness techniques and simple, daily practices to improve your relationship with food and your body.

This program is available in-person (Santa Barbara) OR virtually from home!
If you are…

• always on the go
• don’t know how to slow yourself down or stop making poor nutritional choices
• feel that your overall health and weight goals are insurmountable
• struggle with anxiety and stress in and out of the kitchen
… this program is designed for you!

This program is offered twice a yea - the next class starts on April 10, 2019.

Visit the Eat Here Now Program page to read all the details!
Want to discuss this program + see if we’re a good fit?
Schedule a complimentary Creating Clarity Session with me here.
(Regardless of whether you join the next group program or not, you’ll leave this session feeling crystal clear about what your next steps toward feeling amazing in your body, mind and spirit.)

“I was lethargic, with habitual, bad eating habits. I was overeating and overweight, with low energy and low confidence in changing habits. The program and monthly classes were very helpful in recommitting to mindful eating habits. I have an amazing optimistic cheerful energy about me now. I lost weight and I’m down 15 pounds to my optimal weight of 148 pounds!”
— Rohit, Santa Barbara

Healing Sound Bath Session (In-person Only)

A 90-minute one-on-one personalized sound bath journey with coaching and inquiry.
Using sound as a conduit for relaxation and stress relief, this session is geared toward helping you clear blocks, release anger, clarify visions and recognize truths. Using a variety of instruments, along with essential oils and intuition, Britta will bring you into a state of deep surrender and calm and support you to move energy as needed. Each session is completely unique and based on your current situation with your health and well being.

If you are…

Suffering from anxiety, stress and overwhelm
Feeling anger, frustration or confusion (and maybe don’t know why)
Find yourself in blame, victimhood or stuck in a repeating story of heartache or depression

… I invite you to gift yourself time and space to soothe your emotions and restore your physical and energetic body.

These sessions are available as singles or in 3-month packages.
Want to discuss this session further?

Book a complimentary Creating Clarity Session with me here.

Eat Here Now (My Book)

Eat Here Now - Book on Nutrition

A bite-sized guide to ritualize your life, nourish your body and feed your spirit.
How do you feed yourself?

This book is a collection of easily digestible essays, offering daily practices for a conscious approach to your vitality.

Britta believes that a thriving existence not only seduces your taste buds and produces astounding physical results, but satiates the hunger in your heart to live a meaningful life.

These days, we often seek to train the mind and bring peace to the soul through popularized traditions such as meditation and yoga…

Food is an often-overlooking avenue to seeing our own patterns, habits and inclinations. Committing to our plate as a place of worship is perhaps the most challenging and yet the most accessible practice to cultivate joy, gratitude and lasting presence.

Available for purchase at
Yoga Soup & Chaucers in Santa Barbara
on my website here, or find it on Amazon.

Other Offerings

I’m also available for
Essential Oil Consultations (How can I use essential oils to improve my health & well being?)
Kitchen Intervention Sessions (I need someone to help me clear clutter and replace the crap with the good stuff.)
Ritualize a Meal Sessions (Can you just sit down with me and show me exactly how to eat— and enjoy— a meal mindfully? Plus explain to me why that will help me feel better?)
Book a complimentary Creating Clarity Session with me here to chat about how I can help you feel awesome!

Yoga & Workshops

I also teach regularly, both yoga classes and wellness workshops, at local studios in the area such as Yoga Soup. Join me for one of these offerings to meet me in person and get to know my teaching style.

‘Revive & Restore’ yoga with live music
Sundays / 5:45-7pm
Yoga Soup, 28 Parker Way, Santa Barbara

Find out more here on Yoga Soup’s website

I look forward to meeting you and finding out how I can be of service.

Blessings & Kindest Regards,

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