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Myotherapy of Santa Fe - Rose Kahn Rose Kahn B.S., C.M.T.P.T./EXT.

5 Arroyo Privado, Santa Fe, NM 87507

505-424-7673 or 310-925-8027

What People are Saying

Rose can heal what ails you. What a skill! What a heart! - Goldie Hawn, Actress

Rose is exceptional in her understanding of her subject. She communicates with excellence. She makes a success of everything she tries and with Myotherapy she also includes her heart.
- Bonnie Prudden, Tucson, Az., Founder of Myotherapy, teacher, author, mentor

Rose Kahn's extraordinary myotherapeutic expertise and passionate intellect helped me move from severe pain into no-pain in our first session. After 35 years in a dancing/athletic profession I honestly attest to Ms. Kahn's remarkable gift as a healing professional. You can trust her to release and teach you to move in a body freed from chronic discomfort. Rose Kahn is the real thing!
- Constance McClain, Montecito, CA, M.S., M.F.S. Mindbody Health Professional.

I have known Rose Kahn for 25 years. Her work is extraordinary. If you're in pain, don't delay. This is the most powerful and therapeutic bodywork on the planet! I highly recommend her.
- Dr. Jacob Liberman, Maui
Author: Light: Medicine of the Future, Take Off Your Glasses and See, Wisdom From An Empty Mind

In her downtown oasis, amidst great art and orchids, Rose's touch shifts my overworked body out of pain BEFORE it becomes habit. Additionally, she has introduced me to some cutting edge liquid food supplements that are superb! This lady is in the "know"! Santa Barbara wins from her relocation from Aspen!!!
- Suzanne Riordan, Santa Barbara, Massage Therapist, dancer, writer, event planner, activist and social architect

Rose Kahn is an exceptional healer, who has helped me greatly in understanding my body and how to take care of it. She unites experience, intuition and passion to her therapy to create a one of a kind lasting experience.
- Marco Iannaccone, West Los Angeles, LAc, Yogi, owner of Spa Siddha

Actually, I'm grateful I fractured my back snowboarding or I wouldn't have met Rose. In 3 painkillers and out of pain. After a badly fractured and pinned wrist, my misshapen hand came alive and reformed in an hour! I send my clients there and they get MORE out of Pilates. Quit wasting your time and money elsewhere and call her!
- Amy LaCerte Pilates, Montecito, CA

As a firm believer in trigger point therapy, and as an experienced receiver....I heartily recommend Rose's particular special brand approach for chronic pain relief! And her place is great, too.
- John Harris, Santa Barbara, Author of Fix Pain, teacher and trainer

I am an avid tennis player and I tend to give my right shoulder a beating with my serve. I had an ongoing neck and shoulder pain that was not getting any better. When I had an initial session with Rose, she spent a significant time on that shoulder. Within a day or two, the shoulder was at least 80% better and remained that way for over 6 months. When I finally had time for a follow up visit, my shoulder was again a bit sore from tennis and computer work. Within a day, my shoulder and neck again felt much better. I recommend Rose's work to my patients who need localized muscle work in areas where there is ongoing pain. She is passionate about her work and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend getting a session!
- Valerie Girard, Doctor of Chiropractic, Santa Barbara

Growing up in Boston, I knew the name Bonnie Prudden. Funny how it took meeting Rose in Santa Barbara to understand what this method was all about. I've used great bodywork over the years to manage my low back pain. I was both surprised and elated that after one long session (2+ hours), the pain subsided and my structure shifted. Now I go for massage because its relaxing, my pain is not the issue. It's my business to know what is cutting edge, a head above the rest. Not crying over the fact that this technique eluded me for so long. Now I know who to call and where to go when I'm in trouble.
- George Larsen, Montecito, President, Frequency Nutraceuticals

I had the pleasure to meet Rose in the course of building her page for this Directory. In the short session we had, Rose showed a rare balance of caring, intuition and strength as she greatly eased a chronic pain I had in my back for many years. If you have pain, anywhere in your body, there is no excuse for not calling Rose. Thanks, Rose.
- Al Marcelline, Director of the Santa Barbara Wellness Directory

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a non-invasive, drug free, hands on muscular therapy that erases pain.

Working with a seasoned myotherapist, and faithfully reeducating your muscle memory, one should expect to feel some change and relief within 1-3 sessions.

Depending upon how long one has suffered, age and general health, as well as one's unique ability to follow simple instruction, it will become evident if you require maintenance or can implement the powerful self-treatment techniques you will learn.

Every person is unique and I am here to serve you, not to sell you Blue Sky!

Bonnie Prudden pioneered this method in 1976. While working with President Kennedy's physician, Dr. Janet Travell (famous for trigger point injections), Bonnie replaced the hypodermic of procaine and saline with her elbow! She also saw the wisdom of adding easily taught specific corrective exercises. Her athletic and professional association with Dr. Hans Krause (orthopedics and exercise physiology) launched her into the public domain with "The Report That Shocked The President"! Eisenhower formed the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness as a result.

No oil is used and natural fiber, loose clothing is suggested. Using the elbow, trigger points (highly irritable or hard spots in the muscles) are located and dissolved with an amount of pressure that is tolerated by the patient. Held for 7 seconds to a minute, slight modifications of the angles and technique usually produce an end to the pain-spasm-pain cycle. Deep circulation is amplified and the muscle fibers return to their original resting length. Specific corrective exercises are then employed by the patient 4-8 times a day for several minutes. These exercises retrain your muscular memory as you experience a pain-free body with greater balance and range of motion. Learning your limits and distinguishing the difference between therapeutic pain and injurious pain is significant. Guided by a highly skilled and intuitive therapist will assist you on your journey, at your own rate and ability to open up and pass through your current blockages and the holding or armoring patterns your body has adopted. Remember that this is not a natural state, rather a place one finds themselves residing while trying to ignore or cope with pain and limitation over time.

Trigger points are laid down throughout your lifetime. Sports, injuries, repetitive motions, accidents, surgeries and illnesses all leave a fingerprint in your musculature. They can remain dormant for a very long time, waiting for the climate of stress, illness, accident or hormone changes to make them all light up and speak to you in the form of pain. This accounts for all the chronic pain that people seem to just wake up with one day! Often you can identify how and where you got hurt, yet more often it appears to have come out of the blue.

Bonnie Prudden, Developer of Myotherapy, and Rose Kahn
Bonnie & Rose

While 95% of all muscle related pain is permanently fixed with this method, it is prudent to know what the problem is from the start. For this reason, patients often come from referrals from their MD's, DC, DO, or DDS. This rules out other pathologies for which a more standard routine of care would benefit first. If one needed a total joint replacement, myotherapy would offer only temporary relief.

Common problems that myotherapy can address: back or neck pain, rotator cuff syndrom, tendinitis, tennis elbow, bursitis, arthritis, sciatica, carpal tunnel, whiplash, TMJ, plantar fascitis, groin, hip and knee pain, migraines, cramps and abdominal problems. Repetitive strain injuries (RSI), experienced by artists, musicians, athletes, computer techs, golfers, surfers, tennis players, field sport players, runners, skiers, laborers, wait staff, and weekend warriors can all be addressed with success.

Long term sufferers with chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue or myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, MS and diabetes will find myotherapy very useful in achieving a higher quality of daily living and movement. This is where the self-management techniques are both empowering to learn and cost effective in the management of your condition.

MYOTHERAPY stands apart from other modalities as an authentic permanent fix. It works beautifully alongside those alternative methods in allowing the body to "hold" other work more efficiently (specifically manipulations) and also to get more range out of your Yoga or Pilates practice and gym routines.

In order to get the most out of your sessions, sometimes the John Barnes, MPT style of "unwinding" or myofascial release (MFR), and often a gentle and deep barefoot deep tissue compression is incorporated.

The principles can be applied in many forms. Chair work for those that can't stand and "Bed Ballet" for those recovering from strokes, coma, and other traumatic injuries. The creative employment of these principles is as endless as the alive and overflowing spirit you are filled with when you resume your daily life without nagging pain.

For a command of why I feel these are the most dynamic methods available visit:

Common problems Myotherapy can address:

  • General Pain
  • Back or neck pain
  • Rotator cuff syndrome
  • Tendinitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Whiplash
  • TMJ
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Groin, hip and knee pain
  • Migraines
  • Cramps
  • Abdominal problems.
  • Repetitive strain injuries (RSI), as experienced by artists, musicians, athletes, computer techs, golfers, surfers, tennis players, field sport players, runners, skiers, laborers, wait staff, and weekend warriors can all be addressed with success.
  • Long term sufferers with chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue or myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, MS and diabetes will find myotherapy very useful in achieving a higher quality of daily living and movement.

The Long and Winding Road to Myotherapy

All About The Bloom

Looking back I lived the first 20 years of my life as a tight bud. My name wasn't even Rose. That change came with the "flower....not with the roots". I graduated from The University of Oregon in 1974 where I bloomed as an artist. The beautiful Northwest was great inspiration and good to foster nature in the soul.

Close to 20 years flew by living a colorful and large life as MAD ROSE, ceramicist and jewelry designer near San Francisco. My work was sold nationally and around the world! After lots of travel and "schlepping", the sleeping dragon in my muscles woke up! Trigger points lit up my arms and for 2 years I could not even lift a cup without extreme pain.

I traded every world class healer with not much relief and no lasting results. Finally, a fellow artist who performed hand surgery for the SF Symphony sent me to a myotherapist. It took 3 months of treatment (1/8th the amount of time I suffered) and I was 100% back in the studio!

In 1995 I moved to Aspen, Colorado where I promptly shattered my ankle! The "worst" they'd ever seen. Looking at 100 pairs of high heels, I heard the surgeon say I'd be lucky to walk without a limp for the rest of my life. I defied his prognosis. The healing was very slow. Lots of internal hardware and 9 months supine with my leg above my heart and a magical new love! Hiking the Divide and reclaiming my mobility, paramount.

Chronic pain changed my personality and quieted my spirit.......With lots of time to think I realized this was a very dramatic way to get the message - time to change my career at mid life. After 5 months of traditional therapy, I took my crutches and went back to SF for myotherapy. After 3 treatments, I had better results than 48 sessions of PT. Luckily, I found a myotherapist near me and spent the next 9 months in treatment. One more surgery for hardware removal and 1 year later I moved to Tucson for a year.

After 20 years in Stockbridge, MA., Bonnie moved the school to Arizona. It was accredited and offered a 1350 hour full time program. I was in the last official class graduating in 1998. Taught by Bonnie Prudden herself, 40 hours+ a week for 9 months felt like boot camp. Two years post accident, I still needed sneakers for floor exercise yet graduated barefoot, and strong. Empowered by the healing, principles, knowledge, and magic that was given to me there, carrying Bonnie's Legacy is a privilege and an honor. At 90 she is still working strong!

The Aspen years gave me a full fledged accounting of how amazing this life/line of work really can be. I had a beautiful clinic on 8 pristine acres in Emma. Movie stars, professional athletes, and other body workers peppered the array of everyday outdoor people with common problems and rare ones. I treated hundreds of these interesting cases and characters ........ the wildest and woolliest who also became my friends.

My current team mate is my yellow Labrador, Rumi. He calms children and charms adults who value the presence of the animals. He is learning that not everyone enjoys his presence, so he is content to sulk in another room. Studying with a few other masters whose work dovetails with the essence of myotherapy has tempered my skill and honed my intuition. I have grown in order to also reflect that compassion and wisdom to the people who find their way to me for help.

How this relates to facilitating your healing is simple:
I can't lead you where I have not previously been. Therefore, I've been to Hell and back. I don't force an agenda onto you. I simply begin........and then I follow where your body signals leads me.
That's your body's language and infinite wisdom.......where it needs the work to release the pain (often not originating from the pain site at all)!
I am a proficient interpreter of that speak.

And lastly let me offer this:
Gift yourself the time to let the entire sessions be about you.........and for you.
If you're curious about my other interests or me lets go to lunch or take a hike.
Too much talk dilutes the potent work to be done for you!

Blessings on your path.

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1st Session - 2 Hours - $250
90 minutes - $185
60 Minutes - $125


Rose Kahn B.S., C.M.T.P.T./EXT. - Myotherapy

5 Arroyo Privado, Santa Fe, NM 87507

505-424-7673 or 310-925-8027 ~ e-mail:
For more information on Myotherapy please visit

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